The weather is FINALLY starting to warm up, which means it's time for some serious doing! There are so many things we want to get done this Summer - lots of painting and building and just plain doing.

For starters, I painted this cute little table blue. It was a cool green color, but I wanted it to sort of play off the huge ikea map we got for the wall in the living room. Now, I should state (if I haven't before) that I hate prep work. This is not a good thing. Prep work is essential, but I am so eager for the end result that I sometimes just start something before really taking the time to prep it. Sometimes it comes out just fine, other times you can tell that I hurried.

I lightly sanded the table, wiped it down and got to painting. I chose 'Aqua', it's such a bright happy color. I was getting a few coats on, loving it...
The top tier is totally smooth and awesome, but the lower level kept looking a little rough. That's when I thought, "OH yeah, I can unscrew the table so it's easier to paint..." See? Prep work fail. After I removed the top I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed...and it's still not 100% smooth. But my can of paint was gone, so was my patience with this piece, it looks great and bam - she's done.

Perfect! Other Living Room projects? Putting up our rock wall! We're going to dry stack these rocks on the North wall behind the piano...
I'm SO excited. It will be a lot of work, but look rad when it's done! And it should give me enough time to paint my piano. Yes. Paint my piano. What color?
Saffron! Mmm, a dull, mustard-y piano. All laquered and shiny? Stoked.

I finally bought paint for my buffet - a luscious color called 'Lagoon'.
It's the exact shade I wanted and looks so great against the green in our kitchen. I fixed a bent hinge on one of the doors, so now I just need to sand the buffet and get it ready to paint!

Cody and I have spent the last two days working on our front yard. We weeded our flower beds and ripped out some old stumps, planted some new flowers...ugh, so much work. I was feeling pretty proud of myself as I pulled out two stumps using the 4-wheeler. "I totally have this." I wrapped the chain around the 3rd (and biggest) stump, hooked it up and started to pull. The 4-wheeler was spinning a little, but I could feel the roots getting looser and I heard a snap. Then I saw water pouring out of the ground. That's when panic ensued. I ran in the back and grabbed Cody, then shut the water off. What did I do? I snapped the elbow section of our spiget. Nice.

After a quick run to Home Depot, Cody helped me repair it and now it's as good as new. So yeah, feeling pretty awesome at first, then was re-introduced to some serious humbleness.
It's been nice working so hard the past couple of days, and now it's time to take it easy for the weekend! My sister is in town, Cache's last day of school is tomorrow, Summer is here! Still lots of yard projects to do, but at least all the stumps are out. Well, most of them...I'll let Cody tackle the rest.


Kim said...

You go girl!

Rosey said...

Oh my! I'm exhausted and I didn't weed anything, paint anything, or repair anything but I need a breather and a good stiff Dr Pepper...
You're fantastic! I can't wait to come out there and see all your home projects in person!

Bringing Lady Back said...

You are Wonder Woman. So many fun projects, and I can't wait to see the results pictures! {But of course, I will wait, so as not to rush you and you can take your time and not be rushed. Rushy rush.}

Also - I can't wait to see you, even if just for two teeny seconds for a squeeze!

Love you love you!

Jen said...

I am woman, hear me roar!!! I'm in love with your table and I will have to repent, 'cause I'm totally coveting it! I can't wait to see what your finished projects in the near future.