Cruz Michael Jolley
7 lbs., 4 oz., 19 1/2"
He's here! I am so enamoured with this baby boy. The little cherub has completely consumed me for the past 4 weeks, I am smitten. I just LOVE him.

I mean, look at him! How cute is he? I will say, getting him here was a bit tough. Cody and I got checked in to the Hospital and all was great. Especially because I was able to get Tiger's Blood syrup in my ice chips. When did they start allowing that?? Best thing ever. I got the epidural (which um, hurt more than I remembered...ow) and things seemed to be going just fine, but early afternoon they wanted to speed things along, and that hurt too. Bad. Around 3:00 my nurse told me that I wasn't progressing as quickly as hoped and Cruz's heart rate was dropping.
They put me on oxygen which was sort of scary. I know it's not a big deal, but still. Nothing improved for an hour and they started talking about an amnio infusion and a possible c-section (!). Finally at 4:00 I had dialated to a 5 and Cruz was doing better. They kept me on oxygen but things were looking up. Cody's Mom came and within in 30 minutes I was ready to deliver, but where is the Doctor? In the operating room...so yeah, my nurse had to lay me on my side to prevent her having to deliver the baby. At one point I told Cody he would have to scrub in. The nurse started getting everything ready and in the nick of time the Doctor showed! Yay! I pushed three times and then then Doctor said, "Ok, during the next contraction we'll just ease you through it". I took a few breaths and then he said, "Alright here we go..." I got ready to push, but uh, I sort of didn't need to. The contraction helped deliver the baby and suddenly he was here! Look at his cute little 'stork bites'.
Cody and I were crying as they took Cruz and got him all cleaned up. Oh my, he was so small and perfect. He sounded a little raspy, like there was something in his throat. They took him to the NICU and hooked him to a CPAP machine to monitor him for a few hours. Cody's whole family came to see us at the hospital and the boys were so excited to meet their new brother. Finally at 10:30 they brought Cruz into my room. They took turns holding him and Cole kept saying, "He's sooo cuuuuuute!". Tender. They came to see me a lot during those first few days, so did Cody's family and Grandma and Aunt. Friends stopped by and Cruz got plenty of love.
Since we've been home I've been overly taken care of. Cody took off those first two weeks and completely spoiled me, I wasn't ready for him to go back to work and for me to face reality. He is such a Prince, that man. The boys have been big helpers - Cache is always ready to give Cruz his binky and Cole loves to take care of the diapers. He also asks if he can 'pet' the baby.
Look at his perfectly shaped head.

The first few nights were rough, but now Cruz has a bit of a pattern and it's getting easier. He's a great little sleeper and he eats like a champ. He's gaining weight and growing too fast. I spend so much time just staring at him. I just love, love, LOVE him. We are so happy to have him in our little family. And I must say, Cody and I make beautiful babies. It's not fair to the rest of the world, really. Welcome baby Cruz!


Jen said...

I have been looking soooo forward to this post! I'm so happy for you and your family AND especially for the arrival of your sweet baby! And I'm totally going to sneek in some snow cone syrup for my ice chips when I have my baby! I also love his name!

I have three months to go, I resemble a meatball, and baby boy likes to use my guts as punching bags! The name thing is a little more difficult this time, but we are contemplating name him a "C" name, just like you did!

I'm sincerely excited for you and look forward to seeing pics of your baby and his big brothers grow - via blog! Congratulations. :)

Pedersen Family said...

Congrats to your cute family! It's true, you and Cody do make really beautiful boys. He is a.dor.able. I hope you are all settling into a new routine well. I'm sorry I never called before he was born when you needed help. He looks like it was worth it though!

Kate said...

I may have mentioned already that I'm so in love with him, but there it is again. He's a dreamboat! I hope things are still going smoothly, I haven't wanted to call and bug you while he was so teensy but never fear, I shall do it soon! Love love love you.

Mark said...

Congratulations! P.S."Jolley this..." and "Jolley that..." Don't get me wrong, I love the Jolleys but where are the Patches in this post and celebration of baby Cruz?! ;)

Rosey said...

I want to eat him up! AH! He's perfect and I love him.

Kim said...

I am a little late in offering my congratulations via blog but I am so happy for you! Cruz is adorable! My life has been a bit consumed by the theater lately so I am now just checking with my blogs I follow. So glad you are both doing well and are so happy! You deserve it!