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Have you seen this movie? Ohmygoodnessitsfantastic.

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I saw a preview for this months ago and have wanted to see it SO bad! It's right up my alley! It's a silent film, black and white, the story follows a successful silent film star who meets a chorus girl (Singin' in the Rain?). He turns his back on talking pictures while she embraces it...I can say no more. Last week I drove past this little movie theater in PG and I saw that they were playing it! Huzzah! I instantly called my dearest Celine (have I gushed about her yet? Soon...very soon) to see if she wanted to see it with me. We both had some free time Saturday afternoon, so we took Cruz and some treats and went to this delightful movie. Celine and I had the BEST TIME watching this together, she is so great. We both have a crush on the leading man, can you blame us? He resembles Gene Kelly and has charm to burn. Yum. Afterwards we got shakes and fries and laughed hysterically until we had to get back to real life. I love her.

Seriously, go see this. And if you need a date? Call me.

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Rosey said...

I taking you up on that... Duane would never be caught dead watching a silent film with me especially in b&w! What? Cowboys. love them.