Back in the Crossfit saddle

Some find that when they're pregnant they have this glow, this beautiful sheen of lovely that comes with creating life.

I do not have this glow.

I have more of a...a manatee/walrus appearance...large and upset that I'm awake. Now that I have a beautiful little cherub, I intend on doing something about my bigness. The solution? One being the fact that I've returned to Crossfit.

My friend Ann had a baby boy two weeks before me and has started with me, and dare I say - we've started a fitness motivation revolution! Our friend Becky is starting to join us, my sisters-in-law (Jen and Steph, who were already coming but now want to come when we're there because we are the awesome) are going to go when we're there, my friend Mindi and her friend Brittany are coming now and my other friend Britt (are you still with me?) wants to start coming, too. How great is that? Misery for all! Not going to lie, I've been sore and it's not easy doing this stuff after being sedentary for...well, ever. But I am determined and we've been 3 times in the past week. Cody is helping me with diet so hopefully I will soon resemble the fox he married.

So what's stopping you? Come join us.

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Shaunee said...

I've always wanted to try it... but I'm doing my own crazy thing right now and training for a marathon... maybe when that crazy thought wears off I will join you!