Slipper and the 'Rosey'

I'm not sure if I have disclosed my love affair with the movie, 'Slipper and the Rose'.

Friends? I LOVE IT.
My Mom had recorded it off TV and I grew up watching it...loving it. It's witty and hilarious and deliciously sprinkled with 70's flair. It's romantic, cheesy, the music is catchy and I will never, ever be sick of it. LOVE it.

Now let's talk about my friend, Rosey. Darling girl. I met Rosey when I started working for my Dad forever ago and we became fast friends. Amongst the things we had in common was none other than our mutual love for 'Slipper and the Rose'. It's a small group of people that know about this movie, so we were destined to be besties. We would quote it at work and watch it for movie nights (I mean, we quoted other movies too and had other interests, we're well-rounded. Sort of.). Amongst our favorite films to watch together:

Pillow Talk
The Scarlet Pimpernel
High Society
White Christmas
Never Been Kissed
Singin' in the Rain
(Just to name a few....)

Fast forward many years. Rosey and I no longer work together, we're both married and she's lived in other states or other cities, but we always manage to find time to hang out or talk on the phone and every time we do it's like no time has gone by. Do you have friends like that? I hope so, those ones are the best. Where it's months later and you can pick up right where you left off. She and her dear husband are moving to Mississippi for the Summer, so before she left we decided to have a movie night and watch our favorite. She came over Saturday night around 9:00 armed with bevs, popcorn and Nibs. YUM. We talked and laughed for 3 hours before starting the movie.
Then of course we quoted during the movie and sang and gushed and squealed and laughed (because another thing we have in common is the fact that we're both hilarious). I mean, can you see these wondrous costumes? The ball scene looks like it's been showered in sherbet. Fantastic.

Even though we've seen the movie a thousand times, it's still so fun to watch it together. It was seriously the funnest night ever! She left...around...4:00am. Yeah. "I'm not even mad, that's amazing" (Rosey might be the only one who gets that). Ahh, I love her. Truly one of my bestest friends. Best night ever, so good for my soul. I will miss her terribly this Summer, but when she returns in the Fall? Movie nights filled with shenanigans are sure to ensue. I believe a screening of 'Phantom' is in order...


kate said...

It almost makes me sad that we were friends for like, fifteen year, before we discovered our mutual love of this move. We should watch it together again soon, yes!?

Also? Randomness but your little robot checker thing hates me. Today's words are "Edsnot" and "Urnate." Well played, robot checker.

Kate said...

What the can't type or spell today? Sorry about all of that disaster up there.

Rosey said...

LISTEN!!! You're the best thing that has ever happened in the world! Good heavens I simply can't get enough of you or Richard Chamberlain! Duh. And I love even though "I'm in a glass case of emotion" down here in the south for the summer that means nothing to us besties from afar who obviously will be watching Phantom A-SAP when I return... probably along with Calamity Jane, Hello Dolly, Pillow Talk and the lot of them! LOVE YOU JEWELS! Thanks for the blog tribute.. so undeserving... but I will admit that together we could probably create the world's most hilarious talk show host duo! (as long as all of our viewers have seen all our favorite movies) done! Let's make it happen.

Jewels said...

HOW did I forget to mention 'Hello, Dolly!"? AND 'Calamity Jane'!! What is wrong with me? You know the worst one I forgot?


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