Marvelous day.  Marvelous day!  I have been so taken care of, just marvelous.  Cody has cooked all the meals and taken care of the boys, I even got a nap.  Like a nice, looong nap.  The kind where you wake up and you don't know what day it is.

I came in the kitchen this morning to find 2 dozen orange roses from Cody.  That man knows what he's doing.

Although it's hard to top the daises Cole ripped out of our yard.

And I have to share these pages Cache brought home from school...
Love it.  Then there's this one:
 (I.D. is Investigation Discovery...where I watch all my crime shows.  The secrets out).  And apparently I don't help him 'wright' often enough.

Cody smoked some delicious ribs and roasted some veggies for dinner.  YUM!  Cody's parents stopped by and had dinner with us, it's always great to see and visit with them.  I made an apple pie which we're about to dig into...

Finally, I saw this commercial last night and got misty-eyed.  Maybe it's the hormones.  Whatever.
I love being a Mother.  I LOVE my mother.  I LOVE my mother-in-law.  I'm so grateful to be surrounded by friends who are all wonderful mothers.  So here's to you!  A Happy Mother's Day, indeed!


Kateastrophe said...

I love love love that Cache wrote that you are as special as his Grandparents. Amazing. Happy mother's Day to one of my best examples of being an awesome mom!!

Sarah said...

Hey Julia- this is Sarah (Fuehrer). Kristen and Mark were just telling me that you live right where we just bought a house in PG. They said you love it there. We are moving in on memorial day at the end of this month. Anyway, I was wondering if you know of any good preschools in the area. My girl is 3 1/2 and I would love to put her in a good little school.

We live right off of 1100 north (780 east, I think :) Is that close to you?

Would you mind emailing me any suggestions? matthewsfam81@gmail.com

ps. love your blog. So glad you're trying to keep it up. I was pretty good until we moved back here a few months ago.