So...Summer happened.

This Summer has been awesome.  Crazy, but awesome.  I think everyone's Summer is madness.  The days (while long and glorious) are usually jam-packed with plans or laziness and suddenly you see 'Back To School!' ads everywhere.  Rather than go into every little story of what went down the past 3 months, here's the highlights:

The boys took swimming lessons.  They LOVED it and I loved being able to take them to the PGFD Pool Party and just let them play in the water without panicking.  I fully intend of having them take classes again next Summer.  Also?  I want a pool in my backyard.  Yeah, I know they're expensive to maintain...I still want one.

I hit a deer.  My deer-free 16 years was brought to an abrupt halt when I hit a deer on the way to my parents house one night.  I totaled our car and we had to drive my Dad's 16 passenger van around for a week while our car was in the shop.  Good times.

When I hit the deer my Debit card decided to hide.  Forever.  NO idea what happened to it, had to wait 9 days to get a new one.  9 days without a card?  Ugh.

Cody and I celebrated 9 years of marriage.  I love, love, love him.

The new gym has been picking up and Cody is really busy.  I'm so proud of him.

My beautiful friend Bethany was in town and we got to spend an entire day together.  I love her beyond measure.

I saw 'Rock of Ages' and loved it more than I probably should have.  I'm a stoner, friends.  That movie probably deserves it's own blog post.

My other beautiful friend Rosey has been in town a couple of times this Summer and we've spent some days together.  One night we went to see 'Crazy for You' at the Hale with my beautiful friend Celine (I have beautiful friends, ok?).  *Sigh*, how I love the theater.  The last time Rosey was here we went to dinner with our beautiful friend, Brandalee.  We ate at Puffer's and shut the place down...we talked for about 5 hours.  Love them.

Went to Lake Powell with my family.  Blog post coming.

My beautiful friend Hailey came to visit from New York for most of July, and I got to spend some afternoons with her.  Her family was staying in my old house and it was a trip to walk through it again! She is so wonderful.  We went to lunch with beautiful friends Amelia, Mindy and Lisa.  I want a repeat.

The older boys went camping with Cody's parents, complete with bows and arrows and BB guns.

I did some Thrillionaires shows.  Always a good time.

I opened an etsy shop.

We sat on the porch and watched it rain, we've had popsicles, we have tan lines, we stayed up late, had movie nights, ran through the sprinklers and went for days without shoes.  I love Summer.  But you know what's next?



Hailey said...

I need more info on said etsy shop! :)

Rosey said...

Listen! You are beautiful! What a fabulous summer and obviously it was simply glorious to spend some (meaning like 40 hours of pure talking) time with you!! Love it. Love you. Love summer.

Rosey said...

YOU are a beautiful friend so listen I like you! And I need some more of your precious time IMMEDIATELY!! I watched Cinderella the other night with my two nieces and during the "MMmmmm MMMMmmmm so this is love" song all I could think about was Richard Chamberlain singing "Rainbows..." to us as little Cruz napped at my feet.... MUST REPEAT!

Rosey said...

PS I need some update on you... please post more... ok nuff said. :)

The UnMighty said...

Do you have any room in your life for ugly friends?