In the Words of Dr. Evil...

...it's frickin' freezing, Mr. Bigglesworth.

And trust me, I know it's January and that means cold, but goodness it's been super cold lately.  Some days it doesn't get above 10 degrees outside...and that's during the day!  Brrrr.  Let's just say we've kept our wood-burning stove occupied, most occupied, indeed.  Oh!  Our furnace also went out. Yep.  We had noticed things were colder in our home, but we just attributed that to the fact that it's an ice box outside.  We woke up one morning and it was 52 degrees in our house.  Not awesome.  Fortunately we have a neighbor who specializes in this sort of thing and fixed it that afternoon.  But, as I said before,...brrr.

I'd like to blame my new year laziness on the temperature.  While I still feel excitement and the promise a new year can bring, my house is a disaster and I have no motivation to clean it.  None.  There's always something better to do than take down Christmas!  Like a chocolate treat or a nap.  *sigh* It's so shameful.  I did take down the tree today, so that's something.  The older boys are at a friend's house and Cruz is sleeping...so now really is an ideal time...what the crap am I still doing on here?  Off to clean.

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