Scuba Steve

I made it!  8 days without Cody and I survived.  It's so great to have him home!  Well, he's not really home yet, he's at work today and tomorrow.  The boys missed him, but they stayed busy playing outside and Cache even had a sleepover with Drew!  Those two are becoming inseparable, it's so cute.

Cody said he had an absolute blast diving and even got some pictures!  Yes.  3 pictures.  The second day they were able to swim with some seals, how cool is that?  They dove every day, caught lobster - sounds like a fantastic week to me!  Cody asked if I would ever want to get scuba certified.  I'd like to think that I do, it would be so cool to go scuba diving.  However, I'm sort of a pansy, this is not new information.  Are you certified?  Where have you gone diving?  Cody said that the guys were talking about a Blackbeard's Charter that is in the Caribbean.  You sail out on a HUGE ship (massive sails, the works) and dive in tropical waters.  Swimming in paradise?  I could probably do that...

Now lets talk about the balmyness that is this weather.  Cody and I actually slept with our windows open last night, it felt so good.  And this week is supposed to be pretty warm!  Which I'm stoked about because I have a lot going on!  Tonight the wives from C-shift are coming over, it will be so great to see them.  Wednesday I'm spending the entire day with my Mom and I cannot wait.  We're getting pedicures (yeah, I'm going to try that again) and eating and shopping and eating.   I think I'm going to see 'The Foreigner' this weekend in PG and on Saturday?  Well, that's when 'Twilight' comes out, my friends.  You heard me.

I'm off to accomplish - there's SUNSHINE out there, people!  


Kateastrophe said...

My one and only scuba experience involved a Mexican guy putting my gear on me, showing me how to add and take away air to float or sink and then kicking me into the water. (dangerous what??) At first I was TERRIFIED and forgot to pop my ears as I was going under water. I had to come back up and was almost in tears. Once I calmed down I tried again.

Let me just tell you, as soon as you are down there and there are THOUSANDS of gorgeous fish swimming everywhere and you're weightless and BREATHING UNDER WATER, it becomes the coolest thing ever. EVER.

I'm not certified but I definitely will be soon.

Brillig said...

Okay, that's so cool. And congrats to you and your survival! WOohoo!

Also, I'm so happy for you that the sun in FINALLY shining in Utah! Everyone is talking about it. Hahaha. Enjoy it!

Andrea said...

Juls- Kate is right on the nose. It is an amazing, AMAZING thing. It's like flying! and it's best when it's in warm water. Scott and I have dived where Cody just went and as cool as it was, I am not fond of shivering in a wetsuit. When we went in Mexico, I was blown away at how wonderful it feels to be 50ft below level in a bikini flying around with the fish. I say a big YES on getting certified. Then we can go to Greece and dive around the submerged ruins. Eh eh?! THAT would be fantastic.

Jen said...

I had to laugh at your title...my nephews call my husband "Scuba Steve".

One day I would love to try to scuba dive. I think that would be sooooo awesome dude! Or dude-ette.

Glad your husband had a blast!

Shawn said...

I will never scuba dive---I have a fear of being in tight places and the dark of the ocean is frightening!

You are such an amazing woman to let your hubby go on a trip like that without you! I hope that he is planning something special for you---you deserve it!

Shaunee said...

Sounds like you have a fun week ahead of you. I'm loving this weather and glad there's more to come!