A little R&R...

Bah!  This past week has been super crazy and to top everything off, we didn't have the internet for four days.  I don't recommend this.  I'm so behind!  Lets get down to business..

Last Thursday was Cache's final day of swim lessons.  He wanted to give his teacher a picture, so I drew a little fish and Cache colored it.  I wrote a thank you note on the back of the picture and Cache insisted on sealing the letter with a heart.  Cache did such a great job in her class, he's more comfortable in the water and I wasn't sure that would ever happen.  She was a great teacher, we're going to miss Amber!

Friday was the big day for Rich and Randi!  It's been raining every day for a week and we were all kinds of nervous that it might rain on their wedding day.  As fate would have it, not one drop fell!  The day was GORGEOUS!  The ceremony was so awesome and I think my favorite part was when Andrea, Marty and I hugged Richard in the sealing room.  We got in a tight circle, put our fists together and said, "Famuhlees!"  (Don't worry, it makes sense to us).  We are all so close and it was rad to share that moment together - we welcomed Rich to the Married Club, we've all found our someone.

It was sunny and clear when Rich and Randi came out of the Temple - aren't they they most handsome couple ever?

Brothers proving they can be manly whilst holding purses.
Randi looked stunning, her dress was incredible.  She is so beautiful!!
The reception...

Our colorful shoes!
Rich's friends had a wee bit of fun decorating the car!

We're off!
It was a marvelous day - filled with love, family and ice cream.  The day was absolutely perfect!  Congratulations, R&R!

On Saturday morning Cody ran the Utah Valley Marathon with 27 other PG Firefighters!!  I'm so proud of all of them, it was not an easy fete!  The marathon ran right past our house, so I got out of bed, threw on some running gear and went out to wait for Cody.  I only waited about 20 minutes before I spotted him!   I joined up with him and we ran the last 5 miles side by side.  He's been feeling it all weekend, but he did so great.  Way to go, Code!  (He's the one laying down in the front...aren't I lucky?).

This week is going to be totally crazy.  I'm not looking forward to it at all.  I'm completely panicking about the fact that we close in one week and have no where to go.  We found a house that we are wanting to put an offer on and we'll probably do that today.  If all goes well, we'll be able to move our stuff directly there rather than put it in storage or something.  Did I tell you that we were thinking of renting a house through the City for super cheap?  Yeah well, we walked through that house and there is no way we can do it.  It's in such bad condition - it's terrifying.  I'm positive that place is haunted.  Even if we got it cleaned and sanitized...we don't feel good about it.  So if this offer goes through it will be a seamless move!...right?  That doesn't mean I'm still not freaking out.  We have so much to do and I sincerely hope we can do it all.  

On top of that, I have to write a script by tomorrow for a skit the YW in my Ward will perform at Girls Camp.  Then we have the Open House for R&R this Thursday.  After that I drive up with Andrea to Logan so we can run Ragnar on Friday and Saturday.  I hope I do alright!  I'm kind of excited for that...I keep telling myself that it will be fun!  Sunday is our last day in our ward (sad face) and I believe we sign our closing papers on Monday.  We'll finish packing everything up and we'll be out by Wednesday.  Ugh, I think I'm getting an ulcer...


Shaunee said...

Busy, busy, busy! What great pictures of the wedding. I love weddings! There are some houses for sale in my neighborhood (I live in North Orem)... not that you want to move close to me and my crazy family but it would be fun!! Good luck with Ragnar! I'll be sending my wishes and keeping my fingers crossed. Which legs are you running?

Jen said...

Oh.My.Heck. I was totally at the SLC Temple on Friday for my nephew's wedding! Did you see me? I was the short, chubby one standing around watching a bride and groom get their pictures taken. We could've crossed paths! So close, yet so far. (sigh)

Good luck with EVERYTHING! I thought I was super busy, but you take the cake. If I were your neighbor, I would give you a care package of Alkaseltzer to calm your belly.

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

Craziness! Good luck this weekend- I'll be thinking of you!

Shawn said...

Fun wedding!! I haven't been to one in awhile.... Good luck with the house. (s)