Festival Fourth

We had SUCH a great weekend.   On the night of the 3rd, we decided to drive the parade route downtown in my Dad's and Rich's Scouts.  Have I mentioned these lovely automobiles?  This is a new mania for my Dad and brothers.  They all have one and my Dad drives his everywhere - they are SO fun to ride in and I believe the mania has spread to Cody, as well.  Yay!  Rich and Randi drove down and Marty, Jess and my spunky Grandmother were in his Scout while Cody and I rode with my parents.
Don't they look so rad?
It was so fun driving down University Avenue seeing all the people camped out for the parade.  It's a HUGE party!  People had huge TV's and movie screens, tents, tiki torches, BBQ's, couches, hammocks...you name it, we saw it.  When we got close to the festival you could smell the cotton candy - the air was thick with sugar.  We stopped by Jess' parents house and watched some Fireworks...
We took Grandmother home and then drove back to the festival downtown.  We got out and walked around for a bit before getting some ice cream cones and heading home.  Driving around on a Summer night in a convertible Scout?  I now have the mania.

Saturday was the Annual Jolley Family Picnic in Great-Grandma Leone's front yard.  She is the sweetest, tiniest woman on the planet and it's so fun to get together every year.  She's been hosting the picnic for 80 years - 80 years!!  In celebration all the families made quilt squares which were made into a quilt for GG Leone.  The square was to represent your family and hopefully be red, white and blue.  
Here's the square we made - it looked great on the quilt with all the other family squares.  GG Leone was so touched, it was cute.  She doesn't love to get her picture taken, but was very tolerant as we all snapped away.  Here is the quilt in all it's glory!

After the boys (and I) had a nap, we met up with Cody in PG for the fireworks.  Have you seen the show the PGFD puts on?  It's amazing!!  SUCH an impressive show, we have such a blast every year.  Cole was sort of freaked out at first and we had to cover his ears, but he loosened up a bit and kept saying, "Lights!" when a firework went off.  

Andrea and Scott came into town on Sunday night and will be here all week - I'm so excited!  Cache and Lucas are totally inseparable, it's the cutest thing.  We have many things planned so there will be much more to come!  I also have house stuff to blog about...all in good time.  Hope your weekend was fun, on to another week of Summer!


kateastrophe said...

Let me just get it down in writing that the 4th of July in Phoenix? IS LAME.

I want to go to there.

Jen said...

Okay, I want a Scout now. They would be totally fun at the drive-in!

I adore the quilt your family made for your Great Grandmother! What a wonderful idea.

Don't you just love the Fourth? The colors, the weather, the food, and family! What more do you need?

Jenglamgirl said...

It looks like you had A GREAT TIME! great pics. and I love the SQUARE swatches you chose for the quilt! Can't wait to hear and see house pics and info.

Cordell and McCall said...

ok so why is it that you look like you stepped out of vogue in EVERY picture!!? Glad you guys had such a fun fourth!!