Girls Trip 2009

Diva Las Vegas was a smash hit! I met the girls in St.
George on Thursday afternoon and we had lunch at Pizza Factory. Mmm. Rhonda drove with me and Kate and Sara rode together on our way to Vegas. The first hour we sat on Sara's floor eating delicious cupcakes from Sprinkles (yums) and laughing our heads off.

We finally got up and headed to Target for some wander shopping...we adore Target. For dinner we ate like Kings at Joe's Crab Shack! I have no pictures of that, but Kate does - Kate! Send me pics! Dinner was so good...we donned the plastic bibs and everything. I think we must have consumed multiple pounds of crab. Delish.

Friday morning we went to breakfast and got ready to go shopping. The weather was overcast, kind of stormy. We went to the Towne Center shops (I've spoken of this place before, it's the best) and did a wee bit of damage before heading to the Airport to pick up Karen!

This was Karen's first trip with us and we loved having her, she's hilarious. We went back to the shops to shop some more and I scored some rad white jeans. Rad.
We ate at Brio and as usual, SO tasty. My dinner was by far the biggest...look at that chicken!!

Saturday Rhonda, Karen, Kate and I hit the pool. It felt soooo good to lay out and swim. We went back to the house and got ready to go to Fashion Show Mall. To answer your question, yes - we did a lot of shopping.

We started with lunch in the Nordstrom Cafe and then went out to conquer every store we entered. We had about 3 people helping us in the shoe dept. at Nordies. This pile you see here isn't even the half of it...

We all left with some fancy treasures and got ready for dinner. Ever been to Flemings? It was my first time. And it was Heaven. SO GOOD! Not to mention our waiter was hilarious, his name was Ray - one of my favorite people. Kate and I sipped our Shirley Temples like pros...

Here we are with Ray, the man of the hour. We were there for 3 hours eating and talking and laughing. Good times.
Karen had to fly out Sunday morning, so Rhonda and I rushed her to the airport where she made her flight with minutes to spare! Hilarious. I'm glad she came, we were sad to see her go. We picked up Kate and Sara and went to a waffle house for breakfast.

It was sad packing everything...I didn't want to leave! This trip was way more mellow than past Soirees, but it was just what we needed. I think all of us have been dealing with lots of stress and other crap in the past few months and it was nice to get together and not do anything but relax. Well, relax and shop for hours on end. I love, LOVE these girls. Thanks for a glorious trip, ladies! Can't wait for next year....


Kateastrophe said...

I'm so sad to be home. First of all, it's hot here. Second of all you guys are not here. Third of all, Brio is not here. Fourthly . . . I MISS YOU!

I'll send pictures tonight!

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

I'm with Kate, on everything EXCEPT number 3- they are putting a Brio in at Kierland.

Also? LOVE those pics. Can we put those on the Divas private page on FB?

OH, and...doing nothing? Desert Schools would disagree.

Kateastrophe said...


My life is complete.

Jen said...

Viva Las Vegas! What a fun trip for you and your gal pals!

I'm heading to Vegas this weekend. Only it's going to be with my fam damily. So instead of hitting the shops and fun night spots, we will be visiting the Coke museum and stuff. I'm still totally stoked to get outta town!

Jenglamgirl said...

looks like fun, sounds like fun, and must be nice!

Jenifer said...
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