Closeout Sale

One of my favorite shops in Gardner Village is closing. Not awesome. 'The Christmas Village Shoppe' went bankrupt and is having a ginormous liquidation sale this week. My Mom told me about it last weekend and we made plans right then to get there early the first morning of the sale. When we got there a line had already formed, but it wasn't too bad.
As soon as the doors opened we headed straight for the Halloween and village pieces area. To my great disappointment, there were hardly ANY village pieces to choose from! I think employees may have had first pick, because it was slim pickins. I did get two Christmas houses for $12 each - not bad! I was pretty bummed, however, that they didn't have more. That's the reason I went! Not even village accessories - it was all cleaned out. The pieces that were there weren't anything spectacular, but that didn't stop people from loading their bags with whatever was left. I didn't think to bring my own bag...I should have. There was one couple that brought LUGGAGE and they were just filling it with whatever they could grab.

This pic was when the chaos had started to calm down...but you can see how empty the shelves are. EVERYTHING was for sale, even the display cases and tables. My Mom scored a sweet iron urn that was hanging from the ceiling!
So weird - the ceiling used to be FILLED with cool Holiday goodness.
That far wall is where all the village houses used to be...bare! Again, this pic was taken as soon as the craziness started to thin out.
Friends? It was like jungle madness. You could hardly maneuver in there and people were just grabbing stuff off the shelves. How do people do the day after Thanksgiving sales? Why would you submit yourself to the crazy? A positive note was that the prices were super great. You know how some sales start with 60% and then progressively get lower each sale day? Yeah, not here. So many things were .99, I think my village houses were the most expensive thing I got.
Each was originally marked at $45.00. Two for $24? Done.

I love that golden turkey.
My chocolate tinsel tree! This was such a find, I think it was $8.00.
The total? $80.00.

The check out line was another battle entirely. They didn't have any cash registers, so they were just manually writing down everything and totaling it up on a calculator. I know. It took forever, I think the line was about an hour long. We barely got out with our lives at noon and we were exhausted! Of course Gardner Village promises a great new store in there soon, but I will miss that shop. That was a vital stop when doing our Halloween shopping! Where do I go now?


Pedersen Family said...

That makes me SO SAD! We let the kids pick an ornament every year and that is where we always went to get them. They had such a variety that they could find one that really reflected themselves. I also always got my Willow Tree there. I love the finds you got though, especially the tree!

Tayva said...

It WAS crazy, but so fun to be with you! Now we'll just have to re-structure our Halloween prowl. But we'll find something . . . . we have what, 2 months??! XO