To celebrate Mother's Day, we started a little early and went out last night with Dave and Celine. I LOVE these people, we had so much fun! We went to Texas Roadhouse and ate too much and laughed too hard. We must do it again, stat!

This morning Cache surprised me with a pink rose he bought the night before with Katie (the best babysitter in the world). He also bought me a Hershey's chocolate bar...his favorite treat. He told me during Sacrament meeting that I was to share that treat with him. Also during Sacrament they had all the Primary kids go up and sing. This was the first time that both my boys were up there! Cole held it together for about 12 seconds and then started to cry. He put his little hands over his eyes and sobbed. Awww! Poor little dude. In RS we had 15 minutes at the end of the lesson to just sit and visit while the Priests brought around our Mother's Day gifts. A plant? A notepad? A quote? No. A bag filled with treats. Win!

Cody gave me these beautiful lilies that we're going to plant outside and even kept the kids entertained so I could nap in the afternoon.
He did everything for me today...love him. We went and visited the Jolleys and then had dinner at my parents house. It was a marvelous Mother's Day! Being a mom rules. There is no better job. It's hard and frustrating and overwhelming, but the rewards are unmatched. I'm sure I'll have my doubts tomorrow, but today I love being a Mom.

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