Last weekend Cody and I took the boys down to Moab for some Jeeping (or 'Jeepin' if your nasty). I got really sick a few days before we were supposed to go, isn't that just the way of it? I thought I had the flu, then I got strep...not pretty, friends, not pretty. My dearest friend Celine watched my kids while I recovered and even brought me some apple blossoms to cheer me up. Fortunately I got on some meds and was on the up and up just in time to leave town!

I haven't been to Moab in YEARS. Cody and his friends try to go down every Spring, but it's usually just the boys. I forgot how pretty it is down there...
We camped with our friends Jon and Eric, and our other friends John and LaRobyn met up with us for dinner Friday night. Saturday morning we got started early and hit Hell's Revenge. The boys in their new hats, ready to go.
This was the first part, driving up this spine...I swear we were going to slip off the edge.

Cody spotting for Jon.
It was cool to see these bikes up on the edge.
Right?? How amazing is this?
This picture doesn't really capture how steep this was...nearly straight up.
Jon is pretty adventurous anyway, but as I look through some of these pics he didn't really try anything that outrageous. But I was happy to just sit and watch rather than experience it firsthand!
After the trail we got some lunch at Milt's.
John and LaRobyn.
Next we went on Fins and Things. It's a pretty simple train - LaRobyn even drove!

Great day of trails! That night John and LaRobyn had to head back, so the rest of us had some tasty mexican food for dinner and then it was back to camp.

After breakfast, Cody and I took the boys for a drive in the canyon. Seriously. SO pretty. The place looks just like Powell without water. Red rock is so amazing.

This is the face Cody makes when he's driving. Seriously. All puckered.

It was a GREAT trip, we really need to take advantage of the fact that it's only 3 hours away. That's nothing! A quick weekend getaway? I'm sure we'll be making many trips this Summer.

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