Are you there, health? It's me, Julia.

I am sick. And I am soooooo sick of being sick. You see, it's not the down-and-out sickness where you're laid up in bed and can get nothing done, but it's not the hardly-there sickness where you take a couple of Dayquil and go about your day with no sniffies. I'm right in-between. I kind of feel okay, but I'm coughing like crazy and I'm all stuffed up with random moments of nausea and dizziness, or 'brain swish' as I like to call it.

It's getting better. Slowly. I can't really take a sick day because I have way too much going on. 'Little Shop' opened and is doing wicked awesome. Kate is in town and I haven't seen her much. I cleaned and decorated my house in order to host the YW Halloween Party here last night. I have errands to run and a Firehouse to decorate for the PGFD Halloween Party I'm in charge of tomorrow night. See? Too much. I've been dealing with this cough off and on for a MONTH and it's time it left the building. So if you see my health prancing around in the wheat field, tell it it's past curfew and to make a b-line for home. I'll update in more splendor later...when I can breathe.

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