The Haunted Theater at Roger's Gardens

The day we left Disneyland was, of course, sunny and clear. Typical! We promised the boys we would take them to the lego store and they were stoked.

That store is awesome! And lego's are awesome. We all know they've come a long way since we were little (they have orange lego's now, peeps), but I still get so excited when I see those blocks.

My sister found this great nursery a few years ago on one of her trips to Newport and she always raved about their mind-blowing Halloween display. I know - a nursery with Halloween. I HAD to check it out.

And as promised, it blew my mind.
'Haunted Theater' was the theme - they had these rad old costumes hanging from the ceiling...

I loved this glammy, ruffled table runner.

Ew! Rats in the couch! Brilliant.

This chandy was so very 'Phantom'...
Check out those feather boas!
Gah, this organ - they had this creepy organ music playing in the background.
It was just as fabulous as she said! Maybe even better!! It was just what I needed. You see, with my family being Halloween obsessed, not many awesome Halloween things get past us. We don't do gory..
(ew, gory. Sorry.)

and we don't do cute.
(ew, cute. Sorry.)

What we DO do, is traditional and crafty (but not the crazy crafty). Lately, we've been a bit discouraged because we haven't seen many 'new' fun Halloween decorations and some of our favorite Holiday shops. We started to wonder if we'd seen it all.

But after seeing this?? I'm all kids of recharged and in love with Halloween again. Not that I ever waivered, of course.

I haven't put out a single decoration yet (ohdude, I know), but you know why? Because I've been so crazy busy with my show and house projects and the like. It's like I hesitated decorating because I would think, "Well wait, maybe I'll see if we can finish this project first" and "I don't want to decorate in there because what if I need to take it down to (insert random Jolley project here)?". NO more! I must face facts that I probably won't accomplish any of the big projects I would like before Halloween. So? I shall decorate anyway. I didn't do anything last year because we were living under construction. This year is LOADS better, and I will bedeck the house in spooky festooning. Boo.

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