You know what? No.

Pinterest.com is a fabulous site where you can create virtual pinboard where you can organize and share things you love (fully stole that explanation from their site because I can never explain it correctly). It's FULL of great ideas, pictures, fashion, tips...I mean it's just fantastic.

I have spent (read: wasted) many an hour on the joys of Pinterest. I can look up 'Halloween Party Ideas' or 'Christmas Card Designs' or 'Theaters Costumes' and hundreds of images will appear for my pinning pleasure. I can pin whatever I like to a dozen boards I've created. Even when I'm surfing online and find something I like, I can pin that to a board if I want. Awesome.

In the land of Pinterest, there are a plethora of DIY projects and tips for creating things yourself. The majority of these tips are quite helpful and insightful, I have pinned many DIY ideas and sometimes think, "Man, why didn't I think of that?". But in this sea of 'You can do this yourself!', I all too often come across things that I feel are going a bit too far. For example:

Creating your own bath mat out of an old towel.
I see no harm in repurposing an old towel. This is a good idea, I can see that. What I can't condone is spending the time to cut up a few towels into tiny strips, then tying said strips to mesh to create a bath mat when I can buy one for $4.00.

Anything that involves repurposing crayons makes me cringe. I have NO idea why. Maybe it's because the thought of breaking up old crayons and melting them in a muffin tin to create a big, ball of crayon does not interest me. Nor does melting together lots of different colors of crayons in a heart shape. What am I supposed to do with that?
Some say a crayon heart is a great gift. Is it? Is it?
And I don't get crayon art. pass.

But this has to take the crafting cake - make your own glitter.

Make. your own. glit.ter.
The comments on this on hilarious. I found a few that were really disappointed that it didn't turn out - that it just looked like salt with food coloring on it (gasp! say it isn't so!). Others said that you need to cook it on tinfoil, use a different salt..just a myriad of other options to get your own glitter. Friends? Let me tell you something: Glitter comes in more colors than our eyes can register. There are literally hundreds of options and shades and SHAPES of glitter for your sparkly enjoyment.

One pinner was sad because they were hoping so save some money by creating their own glitter. Did glitter go up? Is it suddenly in high demand? I mean, sure - if you're buying fairy dust by the ton I can see why you'd want to cut some corners, but then if you can't feasibly craft without a warehouse full of sparkle then you've got bigger problems.

Make your own glitter. You know what? No.


Someone In Mind said...


I'm so with you.

And I know that you are a crazy DIYer that loves projects, so it makes me feel better to know that you wouldn't spend 5 years making the bathmat. Time vs. Money people. Time vs. Sanity.

Love you.

Brian said...

Jewels, I love you, you make me laugh! Mom and I are giggling over your wonderful commentary. Fox 13 News needs to give Big Buddha the Big Boot and hire you to entertain us!

Tayva said...

This is one of your best posts and full of truth! [Maybe we all have to waste our time on something we think is going to be great before we throw it all away--unfinished--after a few years). Anyway, the towel rug was a hoot. I loved it.

Andrea said...

So freaking true. I particularly agree with the crayon blobs & art. Great post!!

Pedersen Family said...

You are stinkin' hilarious! I do love pinterest, but when I saw the glitter one I thought something very similar. I think making somethings myself is fun and perhaps money saving. Other things are just not worth the shame. Preach.

Heidi said...

Love this! Love YOU! Also, sometimes I buy glitter just because it's pretty...

Amelia Merritt said...

Did glitter go up? ..comes in more colors than your eye can register. Ahhahahahaa, so awesome.