It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Is it just me, or does December feel like it's been here for like 3 weeks? Nevertheless, here it is! The most festive month of all! I'm super excited, I must admit. How I love this cinnamon-infused Holiday.

To start off the season right, my nearest and dearest Bethany sent me 5 cd's of some of her favorite Christmas music and I LOVE THEM. She's hilarious.
I have so, so much holiday tunage and it was refreshing to get some new songs! Here are some favorites that you should probably get:

"I Want To Do More Than Whistle" - Christmas with Lawrence Welk
"A Snow Globe Christmas" - Pink Martini
"Once Upon A Wintertime" - Frances Langford(from the Disney short 'once upon a wintertime...not sure you can find this song anywhere, but Bethany's got the skillz).
"Out In The Cold Again" - Dean Martin
"Ol' Saint Nicholas" - Doris Day
"I'd Like To Hitch a Ride With Santa Claus" - The Andrews Sisters
"The Christmas Song" - The Ravonettes (I had been looking for this song forever!! Love it!)
"Welcome Christmas" - Glee
"A Winter Romance" - Dean Martin

Oh my, and so many more...I think I might have to devote a post to some of my favorite Christmas songs. Done!

I had hoped (and probably mentioned on here) to have most of our projects done by December so that I could enjoy decorating and spending time in my almost-finished house. Yeah, no dice. Not that we haven't made some serious progress, indeed we have! We cleaned out the art room (daun.ting) and moved in my marvy furniture that I got from my bestie, Amelia. Totally ok to be jealous.

I'm going to have some shelves built on top of this big one that go up the wall for ample storage. I'll paint them the same color so it looks like one complete piece.

Oh, how I love them. I still need to paint the room and finish organizing it (obviously). I'm SO obsessed with this muted purple color (similar to the color I painted my family room) and it looks awesome with the dressers. The chip I'm holding in the picture actually has some sheen to it. DONE. Since I live in a house of boys I figure I can do whatever I want that's frivolous and trivial in one room.

We are getting close to finishing our beams in the living room. We're going to stain them ebony and make them glossy and fantastic. I have painted part of the coat rack/bench dealio we're building for the entryway, I'm still working on the buffet..and the dining table...and we're hoping to put up the rock in the kitchen and living room. What progress?!

I think it's fair to say that we won't have everything done by Christmas, but as long as it's close I'm good with that. We got our tree the other night and our house has it's lights. The bedecking has begun! Happy December!


Kim said...

Happy December to you too!

Bethany said...

Those dressers are FABULOUS! Way to go, Amelia! And seriously. The cds. They look so horrible/hilarious. I wish I could show you how they looked inside my mind.

LOVE YOU! Merry Merry, Christmas Berry!