Independence Day!

Happy 4th!  Am I the only one who thinks it's weird that it's already the 4th of July?  We don't really have anything planned, I kind of feel like it's just another day...which makes me sad.  I should have planned SOMETHING.  We didn't do the parade this morning because it's just absolute mayhem (and with a baby?  No, sir), there's fireworks tonight in PG so we'll probably go to that, it's too late to plan a BBQ but maybe I'll spend the day baking sugary treats.

The best part?  Cody came off the fire this morning around 8:00 and went to the station and slept.  I talked to him a bit before he fell asleep, said he stayed up all night protecting a house that would be the first one to go if the fire went in that direction.  He said the fire started coming towards them this morning, but a helicopter dropped retardant on it (and hit some of the fireman, too!) and it's unlikely it will come closer, but there's still a chance, I guess.  Last I heard the fire wasn't at all contained and people were still being evacuated.

In other news, turns out Cruz is celebrating his independence by rolling over on his own.
What?!  So not ok with this, especially since he's doing that little squirmy thing when he's on his stomach trying to crawl.  What in the world will I do when he's mobile?

Have a happy and fire-free 4th!!

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