Stadium of FIRE

More like, 'State of Fire'.  So, we live in the desert.  It's dry here.  This year?  Stupid dry.  I think the last time it rained was November of '04.  There have been cah-razy fires around here lately, all in the past month.  Over Strawberry Days there was a massive fire in Saratoga, there's a huge one near Mt. Pleasant and these fires raged for days and have destroyed tons of homes.  It's just heartbreaking to see these sweet people on the news with only the clothes on their backs and no home to go back to.  Devastating.

While I have ached for these people and have followed where the fires are burning, I have also felt sort of removed from it all.  Until today.

This afternoon I left Cody at home with Cruz while I went grocery shopping.  I get out of the car in the parking lot and look up and see smoke on the mountain.  It's north of our house, but still - smoke.  My first reaction was, "Ugh, this whole freaking state is on fire".  I took a pic..

...and called Cody to tell him about it.  He couldn't see it from our house and while I was on the phone with him I saw the wildland fire truck whiz by with sirens blaring.  We both just sort of "huh" and hung up.  Two minutes later he calls me back;
"You need to come get Cruz, I just got called to the station."
"Why?  Do you have to go fight it?"
"Everyone's on the fire, they just need coverage at the station."
 I got back in my car and thought, "It just started, how can everyone be up there already?"

As I'm driving back I notice that the smoke cloud is getting bigger and denser...not good.  I come inside, Cody grabs his gear and kisses me goodbye as he heads out.  As I'm driving down our hill once again I'm starting to freak out about how huge this fire is getting...

I called him and he said he was about to head up to the fire, said it's in the Alpine foothills and they've already started evacuating people.  Then he says that 4 houses are in danger of being burned.  What the what?!!  This is when I start to get scared.  My husband is going to go fight this hot, massive fire that is burning out of control.  I did my shopping while updating my Mom and friends who were calling, asking if Cody was fighting it.  When I came out of the store my jaw just dropped...
I called the Fire Chief;

"Is he on that?"
"So he's up there..."

Awesome.  I drove home and when I got in my driveway I said a little prayer.  I was a bit surprised that I was that scared, but then - it's a huge fire!  Cody's up there!  I can't reach him!  On the other hand, it's Cody.  As my bff Amelia stated: "This is when even keel Cody comes into play.  He won't panic or do something stupid.  He just won't".

I've been checking the news, saw some incredible pictures...

 Cody just called me and told me he's going to be on the fire all night, he's protecting homes.  Earlier the winds blew the fire North away from residences, but at midnight there's supposed to be a cold front with winds blowing South at 20-30mph.   I'll know more in the morning (so will he), but he sounded in good spirits...maybe even a bit bummed that he hasn't seen more action.  Aw.  Ugh, scary though, right?  This fire is too close for comfort.  Hopefully it gets contained and all the boys can come home soon.  Quite the day!  Love my firefighter.

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