Christmas Dinner

Last night we had a few friends over for a casual Holiday feast of sorts.  We sat and talked in the kitchen while the kids played around the house and wore each other out (bonus!).  It was so nice to hang out.  The dinner was mighty tasty and after we were full we made gingerbread houses!  I put on some festive tunes and we got right down to business.  It was a messy craft, but so much fun.  I always love seeing what everyone creates.  The kids were especially eager about this portion of the evening - they ate most of the candy before it reached their frosted dwellings.  

Our equipment

Ann's ginger-palace complete with garage!
My snowy cottage...
Adam's solar-powered gingerbread house.
Cache putting some last minute touches on his 4 story ginger condo (Cody may have had something to do with that...)

Morgan and her cute house!  Please note the candy in her hand and in her mouth...she's so cute.

Our Gingerhood

After we said goodnight to everyone, Cache wanted to sing through some of his favorite Christmas songs.  Here we are singing, "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas".  And now a hippo tops Cache's Christmas list.  Along with a dragon.  Awesome.


Jen said...

What a cute idea to make gingerbread houses for your dinner! I'll have to remember that for the future. Loved the houses, by the way.

Rita said...

oh we were so sad we missed this! It looks like you guys had a great time!

Adam Harward said...

That was fun! Thanks for hosting.....food and everything.

Cordell and McCall said...

soooo cute! I love the Christmas list! We made a gingerbread house last night too! I wasl extra lazy and bought the pre0made kits lol! I also let go and let my hubby do it with the kids and tried not stress about it not looking perfect lol! It was lots of fun! Glad to see you are holiday crazed like me! There is so much to do in so little time!! Next...sledding! Cute houses!

kateastrophe said...

I am so lame this year. I need to catch some of your Christmas spirit. :)

Auntie Ann said...

Thank you so much for having us over!!! It was so good to see you guys and the food was delish.