TAC Thrillionaires Show

When I was in High School, our drama class got to go to a 3 day acting convention called the "Theater Arts Conference".  We went to various workshops, saw some plays and honed our 'craft'.  Basically, we got to miss school and hang out with our friends whilst checking out boys from other High Schools.  My friends and I dubbed this "The Festivention".   I LOVED the Festivention, we had such a great time when we went.

Fast forward 15 years - Hailey asked me a few weeks ago if I would be willing to perform a musical with the Thrillionaires for the TAC.  At first, I had no idea what the TAC stood for.  I was just told that it would be a show for a bunch of High School students and that we would take some questions afterwards.  Sounded fun!  The show was at Weber State and Cody was able to come with me.  Once we got there I asked Maclain, "Ok, what is this exactly?"  When he started to explain it to me I realized that it was, indeed, the Festivention!  Wha?  I have come full circle - I am performing at the Festivention.

Sound Check

After our mic check we were told that there were hundreds of kids waiting to see our show and that once we hit the stage, it would feel like "when the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan show...".  When they announced our names, we walked onto the stage to find about 500 kids cheering and screaming!  It was CRAZY!  I felt like a Beatle.  I felt like Bon Jovi.  I felt like a Rock Star.  It was awesome.  The theater was massive and it was packed.  Our musical was hilarious and the kids were SO responsive - they laughed and clapped all the way through it.  When we finished the show they gave us a standing ovation for about 3 minutes.  No lie, it was the coolest thing ever!  

We took some questions after the show and one kid asked me,
"What's your name?"
"Who are you married to?"
Uh, random.  But since Cody was there, I replied..
"To that handsome FireFighter right over there!"
Cody stood up and waved as everybody cheered.  
Then the boy said, "He's the luckiest guy in the world!"

How cute is that?  We then told everyone that they could come up and ask us questions as they left the theater.  My adoring fan shouted, "I love you, Julia!" and ran up to give me a hug.  Cute.  One girl asked if I was a professional singer, one asked if we went to college to learn how to improvise (wha?).  These kids were completely blown away and it was so rad to have them come up and hug us or shake our hands - I was so touched by how appreciative they were.

Matt, Me, Maclain, Brigham and Bob after the show
When we left the theater, kids would stop us or yell out, "Great show!"  It was a great experience and I hope I can do it again next year!  


Anonymous said...

Okay, seriously... I NEED to come and see one of these, before mentioned shows... I am not a good friend at all... when is the next show... and do you think that I could get your autograph afterwords??

Anonymous said...

Oh, and ... the "Festivention"... hello, good times!!! And ya know what else I was totaly craving the other day?? That yummy bread that we use to get at lunch and an A&W rootbeer, mmmmm,"Beer and Bread"

Natalie & Chase Gustman said...

I cant believe that I have such a famous friend. I have always wanted one and now I do.... Thanks jewels for being such a super star! You really are the greatest!

Andrea said...

I hate to break this to you but... Bon Jovi is not one of the Beatles.
(I couldn't help it- it reads that way)
Sounds VERY fun and I think it's awesome you came full circle. Nice job!

Shawn said...

Wow! Sounds so fun! I used to love to do workshops for the local high schools, when I worked for John Robert Powers in LA. We would go and do stuff about acting and modeling, etc.---the kids were pretty receptive and they always treated us like we were celebrities...

It was fun----glad you got to do this---I'm sure that you were amazing!

Cordell and McCall said...

I still need to come see one! I feel so bad that I haven't seen one yet! The stars have not aligned just yet lol! We have been SOOOO busy!! Maybe now that Cameron is getting less attached! I am glad you had so much fun!!

Jen said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! That's me screaming like a Beatles fan.

How exciting for you and your "full circle"! Just think, one of those young ladies that attended the Festivention may return in another 15 years, and complete their circle. You are so cool.

Rita said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time!

Tim and Angie said...

That does sound like a blast. I bet you were a star. Nice self esteem boost too. Go kid...just don't turn into a stalker. Don't you love it when others remind your spouse they are lucky to have you.:)

Sara said...

That sounds like SOO much fun! I wish I could have been there to see you in all your blonde glory!

Kevin & Mari said...

Julia! Tonight was awesome. We are SUCH computer nerds. :)

So I saw Thrillionares for the first time two nights ago at the NieNie benifit concert. It was great. I wish I could have seen you! Let me know when you do it again. I'm there!

Hailey said...

I wish I could have seen it! I told you you'd be a rock star for a day!