Big Sister

This post is a tribute to my older sister, Andrea.  Her Birthday was on Monday and while I told myself that I would do a Birthday post for each of my siblings on their special day, I also neglected to showcase my older brother Marty who's Birthday was a few weeks ago!   What can one do but make amends?  I will start with Andrea and turn this into a Happy-Birthday-my-sister-is-great-and-I'm-blogging-about-her-just-because post.  Marty?  Yours will come in time...I swear.

Andrea and I are stupid-close.  All the Patch kids are.  We just LOVE each other and love to spend time together.  Growing up?  Not so much.  Andrea and I shared a room and we rarely got along.  We had our moments of throwing things at each other or making the other one cry, but there were also hours of playing with our barbies (once for 3 days straight.  Seriously.  It happened.  Look it up), staying up late talking and her letting me borrow her cool clothes so I would look cute at school for a boy.

She has taught me so many things.  I call her all the time for the most random reasons -  a question about kids or what the best cupcake recipe is, she always seems to know.  We also call each other as soon as Halloween decorations are out, or when we're shopping and need a fashion sounding board (I should mention that I call her more for that).  She is hilarious, brilliant, beautiful and strong.  She's also totally unaware of how amazing she is.  She has a handsome husband who worships the ground she walks on and has 3 incredible kids who adore her.  

Andrea doesn't like lots of attention, but whatevs - it's my blog and I can do what I want.  Here is just a sampling of the trillions of things I love about Andrea.

- When Andrea was engaged, I told her that I got really sad when I realized that I wouldn't be her only sister anymore (Scott has two).  On her wedding day, she gave me a little gift with a note that said, "You'll always be my only sister".  

- We plan our Halloween parties together every year.

- We have a SERIOUS weakness for 18th century men.  Scarlet Pimpernel?  Phantom? (ok, 19th century, too), Count of Monte Cristo?  Hello?  D. Licious.

- She is healthy and fit and encourages me to be the same (I love/hate her for that).

- Creative much?  Andrea schools me in this department and she always down-plays it.  Every time I gush about how clever she is, her usual response is, "Oh, whatever...".  (I love/hate her for that).

- She makes me laugh SO hard.  

- The day that Cody and I went through the Temple, she was the one who packed my Temple bag.  She wanted to be sure that I had everything I needed.

- She can acquire any skill.  She tackles projects like nobody's business and she masters it like a pro.

- We love to quote 'Clueless' and 'Legally Blonde', along with a plethora of other movies.

- She has always looked out for me.  I remember many times when I was younger, she would include me with her friends and make sure I wasn't being left out.

- She is a master planner.  If you are EVER going somewhere new, you want Andrea on your team.  We went to New York together a few years ago and she had the subway system down in about 20 minutes.  She also planned my wedding.  No big deal.

It's easy to see that I love my sister with every fiber of my being.  My brothers and I look to her more than she will ever know.  And I already know that when she reads this, she will dismiss all her greatness and say lots of  "whatevers" and "that's only because..." and I will have none of it!  So!  To my beautiful, creative, amazing sister - I love you, my bestie.  Happy Birthday!!


Andrea said...


Mindy said...

What a great tribute to your sis! I love you guys!

Andrea: Whatevs to your whatever! You deserve all of the gushing Julia gave you! Happy Birthday! :)

Julia: Good for you! She IS great!

Shaunee said...
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Shaunee said...

So cute! Sounds like a great sister. What's the age difference between you two?

The Bakers said...

That sort of made my cry a lot..mostly with jealousy, but whatevs. We can't all have Andreas in our life, can we? ( "

Shawn said...

Wow...so many birthdays and so little time! It seems that there are a lot of them at this time of year.

Glad you have such an amazing sister!

Mark said...

Um, I have to share a memory kind of related to Andrea(Happy belated b-day Andrea!).

You know how Andrea would roll out Dick Blik clay stuff and make cool designs/jewelry and then bake it in your parent's oven? I thought that was the coolest thing ever, and not just because of the craft but because Rich and I made a joke about the name, in a funny voice. Imagine Rich in a slow phlemy voice saying, "Dick B-lik." Ah hahaha.

How that's funny stuff. Thanks Andrea!

P.S. Check out cool stuff at whatisblik.com. I think it's the same company. Wierd.