Happy Birthday, Cache!

My little man is 4 today!  He is the greatest kid in the world and I just adore him.  Yesterday we spent the day getting things for his party and it was so much fun.  We went and bought him some Birthday shoes.  He was very particular in picking the shoes he wanted and insisted on wearing them out of the store.  He even wanted to carry his bag to the car.

Then we went to the party store to get things for his party.  As I was looking at the WALL.E stuff he would say, "We have to have wall.e plates" and "if we are celebrating, we need wall.e cups."  If we are celebrating?!?  He is so hilarious, his vocabulary is amazing.  Once we were done he said, "Ok, I think we have everything we need!" and he said it just like I would say it.  Love him. 

Cody's family came over last night for a party and Cache had so much fun playing with his cousins!  Here is his cake. 

The Eve cupcakes looked way better in my head, they turned out looking like blue-eyed ninjas, but whatevs - the kids loved them. It was fun having the family over - we ate pizza and watched WALL.E, we talked and sang to Cache.  It was low-key which was nice since Cody and I aren't entirely over our colds just yet.  Ugh.

Today we are having lunch with family and doing some shopping with my Mom.  I think tonight we'll go have dinner up at the Fire Station with Cody and the crew.  I am so thankful for my little guy, I love him so much.  In honor of his Birthday, here are some things that I love about Cache!

1 - That he can dress himself, and he actually dresses pretty well!
2 - How smart he is.  The kid is so clever, he'll out-wit me before I know it.
3 - He loves to play with Cole.  He looks out for him and includes him (most of the time).  He's a great big brother.
4 - That he loves Primary.  The first day I took him in he was SO excited and sat very reverently on his chair.  I walked out of the room and completely lost it - I totally started to cry.  He's not my baby, anymore!  

And finally, some Cache Quotes.  A few months ago, Cody and I decided to keep track of some of the clever things Cache says...

Laying on our bed with his head in his hand.
M: "What are you doing, bud?"
C: "Oh, just solving a problem..."

M: "Do you need any help?"
C: "No, I think I can handle it."

D: "Do you want me to make you some dinner?"
C: "Yeah, but mommy has to make it because she is the good maker."
D: "I'm a good maker, too."
C: "No, you're the good driver."

M: "Thanks, honey"
C: "Oh, it was nothing!" or "Anytime, sweetie"

After I told him to share is toy truck with Cole, 
"But if he chews on it, it will be lunch!"

Cache put his arm up on the table one morning, looked me straight in the eye, tilted his head up like a player and said
"So...how's it goin'?"

Happy Birthday, dude!  We love you!


Jen said...

Dapper shoes little man! So cool! 4's a big age! Getting ready for preschool, learning to tie shoes...Big stuff!

Happy birthday!

Love the cupcakes!

~j. said...

Happy Birthday, Li'l Dude!

Julia, you are so inspiring.

Randi Burton said...

Happy Birthday to Cache! You're cake and alien cupcakes turned out great Julia. I hope he had a fun party, and enjoys his big day today! You raised a cute one!

Shaunee said...

Happy birthday Cache! What a cute boy. I am cracking up at all his quotes. Those are classics!

Rita said...

oh he is so cute! And the party looks great!

Time goes too fast!

Kateastrophe said...

Ohmygosh I love him. He's such an awesome kid. I LOVE the Eve cupcakes, even if they do resemble one eyed ninjas. Also, where on earth did you come up with THAT description? Hahahah.

Love you to death! Happy Birthday Cache!

Mark said...

Kristen and I got the biggest kick out of your little ones' quotes.

And "CACH-E"? You never cease to amaze.