Create or Bust

It's been forever since I've crafted anything and I am SO ready to make things for Valentines Day!  What a fun Holiday.  I know lots of people hate it, but whatevs - I'm a fan.  I have some cool fabric I bought last year in hopes to make some cute V-day onesies and the like.  Being crafty helps my soul, I love to sit and create things.  It's therapeutic, in a way.  I need to have a good, long crafting session.  Oooh, maybe I should make a night of it!  You want to join me?

Little update on the house predicament - on Saturday we had 2 more people come see our home!!  Yeah, turns out my instincts are way off.  It has given us renewed hope about selling our home, so keep your fingers crossed for us!!


Sara said...

I double heart V-Day so you go girl! I wish I was there to craft the night away with you. I am all about Valentines baby! And I'm pretty sure Cody would be all over a couple of smallish heart pasties... Possibly some edible undies..... TMI? HAHAHHAHAHA

Jen said...

What fun crafts do you have planned? You must show and tell!

Hey, you are bound to sell that house soon! Good luck!

Amelia Merritt said...

I will all work out! If you get an offer on your house, and it's meant to be that you move, you will immediately find the perfect place to move into, I know it!!

Rita said...

You know I'm always up for a craft!