Friday Full

Yesterday was the Patch Family Lunch. This is a weekly occurrence that was started by my Grandparents a few years ago. Every Friday we gather at Chuck-a-Rama and visit with Aunts and Uncles and cousins and parents. My Granddad passed away a year ago, but the lunch appointment stands and we all make an effort to be there.

My Uncle's Birthday was yesterday and my Grandmother's is today, so we had a table full of family at lunch! It was so great to catch up with those I haven't seen in a while, and my dear Grandmother looks radiant at 88. She mentioned how sad she is that she hasn't been able to watch any Jazz games (she's a huge fan) and we promised to come over and spend the day making caramel. I love my sweet family, and I love that we still get together each week...even if it is at Chuck's.

After lunch I met up with Mindi and we drove to Gardner Village for some crafty overload. It was a perfect Fall day, it's so pretty up there. It was Mindi's first time and we had a total blast going in all the shops and perusing their wares. I think these ducks were pretty upset that we didn't feed them anything.
We bought treasure maps and fabric and tried on this fancy hat...perfect for fox hunting? No?
We both flipped over this Chandelier. A pirate ship?? Yarr! So cool, if it wasn't $598 I would have taken that home.
I have no idea where I would put this Carousel, but I'm officially in love with it. It's huge and it plays music and it spins...it reminds me of the carousel Tiny Tim receives from a repentant Ebenezer in 'Scrooge'. (The best Christmas movie ever, we'll talk about that later).
Recently these paper village houses have captured my special attention. They are selling some at Target and my sister called me last week as she was looking at them. They are SO cute and not a bit too pricey. I'm sure I could make some...of course, buying them would be easier.

All in all, a very busy/successful day. And with the SNOW on the ground this morning, it's time to keep the wood burning stove stocked and my mug full of hot chocolate. Stay tuned, dear BC readers, I have a creative reveal coming on Monday. Oh, yes...it's going to be epic.


glenda said...

Oh wow you have snow,we are in the 70s )

Jenglamgirl said...

fuN FUN! Love it all, and fabulous hat darling fabulous! My fam. loves chuck... it seems to always be the eating spot in large fam get togethers. Or maybe its just a mormon thing ha! whatever it is I love the salad bar. Hug you!