Little Monsters

Halloween did not disappoint - it was a smash hit! Earlier this month I sent out invites for a Kids Party on Halloween and Cache was really looking forward to it. After breakfast I started to bake cupcakes and get things ready for the party...my children? Well, they were getting into the spirit of things.
I was getting something out of the pantry and I kept hearing the boys saying, "ooooOOOoooo, OOoooOOOO!"

Once everyone arrived we took a quick shot of all the kids in their costumes. Cole, Stella, Morgan, Reagan, Jude and Cache!

That was the best shot of Cole almost all afternoon - he wasn't a big fan of his dragon attire, he was being a little Halloweenie.

Luckily the weather was gorgeous and we got to eat outside and the kids ran around the yard.

Afterwards we decorated cupcakes and it was so fun! The kids had a blast covering them with frosting and sprinkles.
Cache was very serious about decorating, but I think Cole was more interested in eating the cupcakes...so was I.

Everyone got to take their cupcakes and their own little favor home. I'm so glad everyone was able to make it and I know we'll be doing this again next year! Thanks for coming, little spooks...

That night I got the boys all dressed in their costumes and Cody took them trick-or-treating. It was so cute hearing them practicing their 'Trick or Treat!'.

Such little cuties. Cole was more of a sport so I snapped as many pics as I could of him in his little costume!

Yesterday we were all in recovery mode. It's been a crazy-busy month and I've been fighting off some sickness. I think I'm about over it and I'm looking forward to a laid-back week. I'm going to start taking down Halloween (sad) and may or may not be hauling out some pine cones and holly berries...


Jen said...

You deserve the "mom of the year" award! I haven't had a Halloween party at my house for a few years now! I know! It's criminal!

I love the cupcakes, but I love the cute knight and dragon even more!

Cute kidlettes in costumes? What could be better?

kateastrophe said...

i LOVE that your boys were just playing around as ghosts while you were getting ready! hahaha you have the coolest kids.

You should have some more. :)

Brittany said...

That was a fun party. Morgan enjoyed it so much. PS. Thanks for posting a lovely picture where I am literally stuffing my face.

Jenglamgirl said...

You are a AWESOME MOM... the party looked fun and the kids looked cute. lOVE the different cupcakes. I think I may throw a party for kids next year. The boys look so cute in their costumes. P.S. I have all my halloween down and Thanksgiving goodness up. Hug you!

Tayva said...

I love the 'knight' and 'dragon' thing! Aren't my grandboys the cutest? And what holiday is better than Halloween?! XO