Our Weekend

This weekend was jam-packed with goodness, just like Cole was jam-packed in the bathroom closet. Turns out that when you hear your kids laughing, it's not always a good thing.

My sister flew up for the weekend to attend some art classes and luckily I got to see her for a quick spell! Friday night our family got together for dinner up in Salt Lake. We were laughing so hard, my family is rad. After dessert we drove over to Marty and Jessica's new house! It's dated and needs a lot of work, but it's got great bones and I was envious more than once of the amazing detail that house has.

Marty, Jess and my Mom discussing remodeling ideas.
How I love old, exposed radiators.
and those coffered ceilings?? Gorgeous.
Built-in buffet in the dining room. The house is full of retro chandeliers.
Do I love the wood paneling? Not so much, but the doors in this house are so cool. Super tall, dark and glossy. Those doorknobs are pretty fantastic, too.
Marty and Jess have been working on this house every spare second in hopes to make it their dream home. It will take some time, but I'm so excited for them!

On Saturday I had the monthly workshop for Thrillionaires and those are always so much fun. We try different things and work on new ideas...and there's a lot of laughing. I love all those people, sometimes the only time we get to see each other is at the workshop so I always look forward to it. We all went to dinner and then a few of us performed in the show. My friend Chris, his new fiance' Amy and Chris' little brother came to see it! I haven't seen Chris is ages and it was so fun to catch up.

Yesterday was relaxing. After Church we started roasting some turkey and built a fire in the stove. Sunday evenings are the best. I was feeling so grateful for so many things - my husband, my boys, this wonderful home. That time together is priceless. Dinner was SO delish, I don't know why we don't eat turkey every day. Well, we will this week....leftovers.

The weather has been so fabulous and we need to take advantage of some things before it changes! We have lots of projects lined up for this week, but first things first; I need to buy a rake. Turns out when you have lots of trees, you have lots of leaves.


kateastrophe said...

That house is going to be AMAZING! Good for Marty and Jess!

I LOVE that picture of Cole. As I said on the phone . . . your kids? Hilarious.

And now I want turkey.

Mindi said...

LOVE all those chaandys! DO NOT let them get rid of them, if they take them down...

Shawn said...

Cool house! How old is it? Makes me want one even more!!

Jessica said...

Jewels! Thanks for liking our house! It needs so much work that sometimes I forget that is really is cool!