Here's What I Know...

I have no concept of time.

Having sore muscles makes me feel strong, but not seeing immediate results after working out two or three times makes me feel weak.

Being nice to others doesn't always mean they'll be nice in return, but always be nice to others.

I have the greatest friends in the world.

I'm excited for Fall...what?

Errands can be fun with two blonde, little boys. And a Dr. Pepper.


kateastrophe said...

Here's what I know about what YOU know:

People with no concept of time seem to enjoy it more because they're not watching the clock. :)

Working out sucks. Period. It's a necessary evil, like cleaning.

Being nice to people who aren't nice to you in return can be a fun game. They get annoyed and you can laugh!

You are the greatest friend which is why you have the greatest friends.

Fall is awesome.

Errands with your blonde little boys could never be bad.


Lucrecia said...

Hey Jules,
So I have absolutely NO tailoring skills whatsoever but my Mom is an excellent seamstress. She told me I could give you her phone number. Email me at lucreciahale(at)yahoo(dot)com. Then erase this comment pretty please :)