Love is in the air...

This was the first year I got to buy Valentines for Cache to take to school. I was all excited to find some cool love notes and treats and make them look all lovey so that all his friends would think his Valentines were the best (Yeah, I'm shallow). My attempts were in vain.

My son chose Transformer Valentines, not that I was surprised. I picked up some festive baggies and a small box of hearts for each kid in his class. It was so fun to sit down with him and put everything together! He was so excited...He wrote out everyone's name and folded up the Valentine. We put everything in a bag and tied it with a ribbon. We carefully placed each bag in his backpack and he was off to his Valentines Party the next morning.
When he got home from school he quickly showed me all his lovey treats. While I initially thought that the Valentines we created were pretty cute, reality hit me like a truck. Ours were so lame! There were little baggies filled with toys and suckers, gift certificates, and the best one of the bunch? A box of candies that was wrapped to look like an iPod. I mean, pain-stakingly wrapped in thick, red paper with a white, round dial and a playlist with love songs! There were even 'head phones' made with yarn and Rolo's.

Turns out I'm in big trouble. Just look at what my friend Jen did for her sons' Valentines:
Are you kidding me? It's so cute! And SO easy!

And then of course, my witty sister. Um, hello? Totally brill.

I love the stache's.

No idea how I'm going to top those ideas. I can't just send my son off to school with store-bought Valentines and a lame box of candy! I've got to invent! I've got to create! I just skated by this year, which means next year I'm totally screwed.


{lizzythebotanist} said...

funny-those two valentine ideas were EVERYWHERE this year. i almost executed both, i got the tootsie pops, attempted photos (my kids are rotten), bought cardstock, then got lazy and figured i'd rather save them for when nash has a class to give them to (not just a few tots at a party). hopefully everyone forgets about them in a few years because i still love them both. and both are SO easy (but obviously not easy enough for me this year!). i can't wait till my kids get excited about valentines day. i think next year will be fun.

Tayva said...
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Jen said...

This was the last year to send Valentines to my oldest son's class. (sniff, sniff) The homemade Valentines making can get crazy out there, my friend!

I still think your idea was absolutely cute!

Jenglamgirl said...

Sorry I am behind in blog land! Your Valentines are still so cute, with the bags and all! AND besides that sucker idea I found on someone elses blog and I think they were very popular and will be used alot now! HUGS! your a doll in your top post in your cute light yellow dress with black! XO Jenn