Bunny Ears

Easter weekend! My boys are loving this Easter goodness. Things have been crazy and since Easter came super early this year (am I the only one who feels that way?), I'm sure we'll be doing Easter things all month. I wanted to share a wee something that I created with the boys on Saturday morning. Cache had an Easter party at school and came home with a paper bunny...crown...hat...thing. Cole has had his evil eye on it for 24 solid hours, so I thought I would make them their own little bunny heads to wear.


I actually tried to find some template online or some random picture that I could use, but finally decided to just draw my own. Cache was very involved in the process - making sure that the bunny was blue and that he had a pink nose...all those important touches.

Don't they look dapper?

Feel free to print it off and make your own set of bunny ears. You know, for your kids or neighbors...or for yourself, whatevs.

Last night we went to have Easter dinner with Cody and the crew at the Fire Station. It was so nice - dinner was super tasty and one of the wives organized an Egg Hunt for all the kids. We still want to dye eggs and make some candy Easter baskets...looks like we'll be celebrating all month long!


Bringing Lady Back said...
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Bringing Lady Back said...

Ha ha! I love it.

Dapper indeed.

kateastrophe said...

I love that Cache held his wee little hands like bunny paws. He might be my favorite little guy ever.