What I'm Loving Wednesday

What am I loving? So many things...lets get started.

I'm LOVING music by Meaghan Smith. Her sound is so simple and Summery, it makes me want to have a backyard party with lanterns and lemonade. Some of my favorite tunes:

'5 More Minutes'
'If You Asked Me'
'I Know'
'Drifted Apart'

So marvelous, so pretty, so great. Go have a listen.

Some other tunage I'm in love with? These Frank Sinatra covers by various artists. "I'll Never Smile Again" by Priscilla Ahn and "The Things We Did Last Summer" by A Fine Frenzy are beau.ti.ful! Again, go have a listen.

I'm loving the 2 dozen orange roses Cody gave me when he came to my show last weekend.

I'm also in love with my canary, Tom. You may remember me posting about wanting an orange canary a month or so ago and just a few days after that we got one!
It took him a few weeks to warm up and sing his little heart out, but his song is so pretty and I have LOVED having a bird. Instant Spring. We bought him a little black cage, but I wanted something a little brighter for him...so I painted it green.

Gorgeous, no? And lets talk about how marvy the blue cage is. My Dad bought that for us and I love it. I'm thinking of getting a new yellow canary to put in it....

I'm loving the ambitious feelings that come with Spring! We have been planting some flowers and berry bushes, cleaning things out getting ready for the big remodel. It has snowed for the past 4 days and today was the first clear, sunny day. It was still cold, but the sunshine does wonders! We have so much planned...viva la Spring!


{lizzythebotanist} said...

that blue cage is the BOMB! please find out where he got it? it's amazing! i used to have two parakeets (the VW to your BMW canaries). they were names blue boy and pretty girl. they were so sweet and the best of friends. we let them fly around the house and they'd return to their cages. when pretty girl died blue bird became very depressed and wouldn't leave the cage. the he died not long after.

Mindi said...

YES! get a yellow one!! Hims name should be Gerard...

Tayva said...

Love the green! Gerard will be very happy . . . Love, Mom

Jewels said...

omg (that stands for 'oh my gerard'), I LOVE IT!

Bringing Lady Back said...

Marvy. Love. Spring. Yay!

Lucrecia said...

I love the bird cages! So you! So your Dad too! :) What are you remodeling?