What a week I'm having!

Forgive my lack of posting! It's only been a week, I know, but I must admit - the longer I wait to blog the harder it is. I have good reason for my absence, there's much going on. At least it felt that way when they were going on...

First of all, it's February! The month of love! Love me some Valentines Day. Have you any plans? Neither do we. Don't know that we'll do anything spectacular, sometimes just having dinner together is the greatest thing. Cache has a Valentine's Day party next week and we get to help him (i.e. I'll be doing all of it) make his own mailbox to receive Valentines. I'm so excited! I also have to get all creative and make custom Valentines to take to his class. See, remember last year? Turns out that won't cut it. I have to get crafty. Now accepting ideas.

"The Importanct of Being Earnest" rehearsals have been a total ball. I'm having so much fun! We never want to end because we're having such a great time. The show is going to be so, so funny. You MUST come and see it. Along with being in the show, I'm also in charge of costumes. Normally I can just ask the cast to use some of their own wardrobe for their costume and I just supplement with some pieces the theater has. However, this play takes place in 1895. I can't really...just put stuff together for that era. I knew from the first that all of our dresses would have to be made (do you have any idea how expensive it can get to just rent some of that stuff?). Fortunately, my genius of a Mother is helping me with that and I have relied on her wealth of costume knowledge more times than I can count! We have been to just about every fabric store in the state, gushed over ribbons and trims, fallen in love with super expensive velvet and picked some truly gorgeous material to use for our dresses. You remember Gloria, right? My Mom's best friend and master seamstress? She is making our costumes and I am SO excited to see how they turn out. Here are some of the costume sketches.
Yes - my Mom did those. Free hand. Because that's how she rolls. The sketch she's holding up is for my dress in the second act.
So amazing, right??

Here is my material for my first dress, the 'Tea Scene'. It's this beautiful gold/yellow trimmed in teal. That gorgeous striped satin is for the ruffles on the front of the dress.
This is for my second dress: A taupe satin, stripes for the ruffles in the back and hot pink accents. Gorge.
And that's just the dresses, just wait until our hats are done. I'm ALSO designing the posters for the show, too. Because apparently I need to get my hands into everything. The show opens 3 weeks from Friday (what the what?) and I'm sort of freaking out about that. There's no time to lose!

My dear friend Melissa's 30th Birthday was this past weekend and her husband asked if I would make 60 cupcakes for the party. I wish I'd had more time to work on them! They turned out fine, but you know...I wanted them to be fantastic. She's a dancer (she choreographed 'Singin' in the Rain') so I made some little toppers for her.

Her favorite color is purple and she wanted lemon cupcakes. I had to miss the celebration due to a bridal shower and rehearsal, but I heard the cupcakes went fast.

Saturday morning we had a Patch Family Bridal Shower for my cousins' new little wife. It was so great to see all my Aunts, I love them all so dearly. Afterwards my Mom and I had lunch with my Aunt Lora and her friend Jeannie (both are hysterical). It was a blast, we laughed so hard and chatted non-stop. Love them. Family rules.

Finally, my son Cole is hilarious. If you have a spare cello case lying around, here's some ideas on how to use it:

Hopefully this week runs a little smoother, but I have many Valentine crafts planned and lots of rehearsals...so we'll see. I'm off to a costume fitting - yay!


Kim said...

You are a crazy woman! I have a cute idea for your valentines that I will email you. :) The cupcakes turned out darling! Melissa is wonderful! You are a great friend to make all those for her party. I am so happy that you having so much fun with your show. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HOW THE DRESSES TURN OUT!! You are amazing! Love ya!

Tayva said...

Well, I like the cello costume best! XOXOXO

Bringing Lady Back said...


Are you kidding me with how marvelous you lovely ladies will look???

I can't even tell you how excited I am. So. Excited. {I guess I can tell you.}

kateastrophe said...

There are approximately 8,432 things I love about this post. Your Mom (duh), your genius (duh), your creativity (duh) and especially Cole in a Cello suit. Best picture ever.