Pirate Party

As far as Birthday parties go, I have found that a pirate-themed party is pretty easy to do. Even better? I did the same thing for Cache when he was 3, so when Cole asked for a Pirate Party I was ready...

The invite, complete with burned edges.
Pirate Party Central
I set up a little wading pool and sprinkler out back for the boys to play in while we waited for everyone to arrive. I almost didn't interrupt them to play games, they were having SO much fun!
Before lunch (pizza), all the boys got wrapped up in towels and went downstairs with some treats to watch 'Peter Pan'. I have no pictures of this, but it was SO cute to see all these little boys in towels sitting on the couch.

The cake! A little better than the last one.

"Happy Birthday to Cole!"
(I was trying to look all 'pirate-y' like the rest of the guests...I think I just ended up looking like Bret Michaels)

How funny are all of these little faces?
It was such a fun day. Even though I put tons of pressure on myself, throwing parties for little kids is really so easy. I loved having all these little boys in my home and Cole had a fantastic time. Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with us!

And how cute is he? He started preschool today.
Love, love this little man.


Kim said...

How creative! I LOVED the cake and invitation! I totally know what you mean by the pressure that comes to throwing our kids birthday parties! I stress so much but then totally have a great time once it happens. I am so happy he had a fun party. You are a terrific mom!

Rosey said...

AH!! How is this little man already 3!!! He is the cutest! You are the cutest! Pirates are always a good idea!

Jewels said...

Funny story - he's FOUR. Yeah, I know. Crazypants.