How is it...that October was a crazy-busy month and now we're halfway through November?? I just can't get ahead. I haven't even been that busy. I don't think. And yet, we're halfway through November, did I mention?

Something I've neglected to mention is the fact that 'The Thrillionaires' are BACK! Oh yes, it's showtime once more.

We have two shows a month - one on the first Friday of every month at Brigham's Piano Gallery here in PG (he's the genius who plays piano for us) and one the last Friday of the month at the Covey Center in Provo. It has been SO great getting back into it. I was pretty nervous for the first show, none of us had performed in a year and a half, but it was brilliant and we had a ball. Win! So come out and see us, we're phenomenal.

My health is finally back and with it has come some long overdue energy and ambition to tackle some projects. Cody and I spent lots of time at Home Depot this weekend buying our Christmas lights and balusters for our railing. That's right. We might actually get a real railing a year after we ripped out the old one. Fear no more, neighborhood kids! Safety is returning! And tonight I started sanding this baby down getting it ready for paint-

I used Cody's palm sander and it went pretty slick, but my was it dusty. I'm currently covered in 80 year old resin. Thhhbt. I still have to go back and sand the intricate parts by hand, but I got most of the surface taken care of with the sander. With any luck? I'll it painted by this weekend. *gasp!* I also hope to work on this radical table I got from Amelia. I have no pics of it, but we're going to strip it and paint it black. I might do that tomorrow, so come back and check my progress.

Finally, I finally put a down payment on these darlings today:
Remember when I spoke of them? Like...two years ago? Yeah, still love them and we are FINALLY getting them! They'll be here Friday. Word. Maybe I can find some poor soul who wants to buy our sectional...

Did I mention it's the middle of November?


Kim said...

Brigham Larson tunes our piano! How funny! I bet you are having so much fun doing improv. A perfect night of performing while pregnant. Happy Thanksgiving!

Rosey said...

Wait it's November? Where have I been? I guess I should probably come back down to earth and get it together... How is it that Thanksgiving is next week and Christmas is in a month? Seriously why am I so behind? Calm down Rose there is still time just because Jewels is super on top of her game performing in shows and sanding to perfection furniture that you are coveting is totally normal, just breath it's only the middle of November you still have time to pull yourself together. I'm on it.

PS still need to get together asap!

Hailey said...

Um, your Halloween decorations were UH-MAZING. Seriously. So glad you're performing again!