What I'm Loving Wednesday

What am I loving?

My Halloween House.

Oooh, I love my family right now.

Since I'm not a fan of my couches, why not cover them all ghostly?
Yeah yeah, I'm excited to decorate for Christmas. But how I love my spooky festive house. I'll be sad to take it down since it's only been up for a week. That must be why I want to haul out the pine cones and berries so that I can enjoy the decorations longer this time!


Annalee and Buck said...

Hey there! I posted, and I also posted the fabulous pic of you that Cody took, which Buck was totally pleased about (creeper, I'm sorry)but I can take it off if you'd like. But I think you look great! Thanks for all your hard work, and btw I LOVE your halloween house! I can't wait to see your Christmas house, and I would totally have all my shiz out if Buck would let me, but he gets all butt hurt that I'm skipping Thanksgiving. Which is a great holiday as well, just not as fun to decorate for. Hope you like the pics! :)I didn't get as many as I'd liked. (Like the decorations :( sorry)

Rosey said...

Have I told you that you're oozing with halloween perfection?