And now, to work

I got a job!  I am now employed.  Starting next week I'll be working part-time for Priddis Music (the karaoke company).  I'll be doing a few things - the first being Product Promotion for some of their clients.  The other will be helping them synch their music with the karaoke on-screen lyrics.  You know when you are singing Karaoke (and who doesn't every weekend?) and there's a DVD you watch with the lyrics of the song?  And the lyrics light up when you are supposed to sing them?  Yep - that's what I'll be doing.  WORD.  I'm so excited!  The best part? I get to work from home!  Awww, yeah.  

It's probably too early for me to start rewarding myself for working, but I have decided that I will set a bit aside each paycheck in hopes to eventually purchase this desk!!  My sister put this picture on her blog and I immediately fell in love with it.  Just look at it!  Candy Apple Red??  Yes, please.  Darn PB Kids and their too-cute-to-resist-furniture-pieces.  I'm sure I'll get more work done on a shiny red desk, right?  Right.

Things have calmed down quite the much since the show closed and Halloween is over.  I am getting SO excited for Christmas I can hardly stand it (as if my blog design didn't give that away - go to Rita's Sweet Shop for yours, her designs are always SO cute!).  I've been taking down all my Halloween stuff during the past week and I'm eager to put up Christmas in it's place.  Think I'm crazy?  Go talk to my neighbors who already have their homes covered in lights.

And finally, I have something to run past you;  my sister and her friends have a 'craft show' every 6 months.  They create all kinds of things - jewelry, clothes, blankets, cards, etc.  They select a house, set up all their goods with price tags and start the evening!  Everyone just walks around looking at the cute things for sale, mingle, eat, and at the end of the evening they purchase their finds and call it a night.  I have wanted to do this for a while, would you want to come?  Participate even?  I don't have much time, but I would love to host one before Christmas.  I'm thinking early in December.  What do you think?

Today's thanks...
1 - Heather.  She designs my Holiday blog layouts...and any other theme I come up with.  She is so great to cater to my every whim!
2 - Sunday naps.
3 - Talking on the phone with my sister.
4 - Washing machines.
5 - Garbage Day.


Kateastrophe said...

Work is good. We like work. Money is better. We love money.

Congrats on the job!!! And LOVE the desk.

Also, wanna come decorate my house for Christmas???

The Bastian's said...

Hey girly, I love that you have a job! I also have a love hate relationship with pbkids. I hope you get the desk! I wanted to thank you for your sweet comments on my last post. Your a good friend!! love ya girl, Whit

Hailey said...

I am not at all crafty, but I could participate via my friend, who makes awesome skirts and blankets!

Also, I am ashamed that I never made it your show. I take comfort in knowing that you were fabulous, though. Next time, I hope!

Jen said...

The desk should be a reward for you entering the work force! And what an interesting job!

Good luck and take pictures of your new desk when you get it!

Sara said...

Congrats on the JOB! Hurray! You totally deserve that desk! Furthermore you should host a girls next door party! They are so fun! (but they also look like a lot of work) Keep me posted! LOVE YOU!

Tim and Angie said...

Congrats on the job. It sounds like it will be perfect for you. I'm sure you would be much more efficient with a red desk. One must have the right tools to be successful. Sorry we didn't make it to the show. I meant to, but I just feel awful still. I'm sure you were great. I love botiques, so I'd come, unless I'm feeling terrible. Hopefully that will go away soon. Super cute blog!

Rita said...

Hey girl! Thanks for the shout-out...and congrats on the new job!