Happy Birthday to my marvelous Dad! I love my Dad so much, he is the bees knees as far as I'm concerned.

He is so supportive, wise and awesome - our family vacations are always such a blast with my Dad at the helm. Most of the pictures I have of him are at Lake Powell. That Lake is so special to my Dad, it's his Heaven. Powell is always a blast because of him. He is the first one to jump in the water and did I mention he can wake surf like a champion?

He worked so hard to make sure we had a fantastic childhood and even though we're all grown, he still likes to sit down with us and build rockets.

Holidays with my Dad are the best - he has probably changed the lyrics to every Christmas song and when I listen to them I can't help but hear his version in my head (one of the verses for 'O, Holy Night - "The thrill is gone and now I have four children..."). He's a great sport with our obsession for Halloween and he has always made our Birthdays the most important day in the world. He is just a big kid and is second to none. So fun, so young, so hilarious and the best Dad a girl could ask for. Thank you for being so golden, Dad! Hotdee Birtdees!


{lizzythebotanist} said...

i just laughed so hard reading this-it totally remember that version of o holy night, and those crazy voices you all use around each other. i won't lie, it sort of freaked me out back in the day! but you guys are one family full of love!

kateastrophe said...

I love love love me some Brian. I'm so glad he's your Dad so I get to hang out with him too!!

Hoppy Blirthdlees Brian!

Rosey said...

I guess for being Brian the Barbarian he's not so bad... No loved this post Jewels totally sums him up to a T! Good man that Brian (don't him I said so).

Shawn said...

I'm so fascinated by the whole "adore my dad" thing----how lucky you are! My dad was an abusive jerk and still isn't the nicest man.

But Happy B-day to your dad!!

Angie said...

Oh, I love your dad too. You're right, he is so much fun and he is SUCH a nice guy.