Why My Family Is Awesome

How cool is this? 4 pretty scouts, all in a row...
On Saturday my family took each of our Scouts up the canyon for a drive. We started in Provo Canyon and started the drive up to Squaw Peak (a drive I am so not familiar with, shame on you).

Stopping for lunch

We stopped at a few look outs on the way, it is so beautiful up there.

The weather was perfect - warm and overcast. Towards the end of our ride we got rained on a bit, but that adds to the adventure, am I right? Some of the leaves have already started changing and I foresee many more drives before the first snowfall.

The ride took a few hours and it was such a blast to do this with my family. I loved spending all day with just Cody, but I can't wait to install our back seat and take our boys for a Fall ride.

The next Patch mania? Perhaps those 1960's tear drop trailers...my family is awesome.


Shawn said...

How cool is this? Love those! And I adore those campers----so trendy and chic. We got a 1963 camper two summers ago and re-did it all---and it was so fun to camp with!

Jen said...

Your family is totally cool! The only thing that ever matched in my family, was the nightgowns and Gunne Sax dresses my mom would sew for me and my sisters. Somehow, that just doesn't even compare to your rad rides!

Tim and Angie said...

Your family is awesome! The scouts are awesome too. I'm looking forward to some fall rides in the mountains as well. Shouldn't be long now. Good memory on my run. It is Saturday. Don't worry, I'll blog about it. Happpy Birthday tomorrow!