It's Fall! My excitement can't be contained any longer! Not that it's a secret that Fall is my favorite season, but there's always a distinct feel in the air when Fall arrives. It's been so warm the past few days and it's been divine, but last night a storm blew it and it's right chilly this morning. I woke up around 4:00 to thunder...awesome. The storm kept me up for a few hours before I was able to fall back asleep. The boys and I are sporting jeans and sweaters and I feel like I should clean my wood-burning stove to get her ready for the season. Hot chocolate for breakfast? Dark cloudy days? Sign me up, I'm ready for Fall.

This also means that many projects are on the horizon. Namely, my art room. We are just now going through the plethora of boxes that have accumulated in here. Some are craft and sewing things, others were just stashed in here because we weren't sure where to store them. Howeva! Yesterday I acquired this little gem to store my sewing goods...
This was my Grandma's sewing table. My Grandpa built it so it's ridiculously solid. It has ample storage (ALL my fabric fit in there with room to spare!) and lots of counter space...regardless of how it appears in this picture. It needs a wee bit of updating, I may even paint it (is that bad?). Stay tuned for 'after' pics!

I have to finish our Halloween Party invites by the weekend and finish decorating my house in spooktacular splendor. It's different this year - new house, new places to put things...pretty sure not all of my Halloween decor will make it out this year. But does that get me down? Not when I have a cup of hot cocoa and a dark afternoon looming!

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Jenglamgirl said...

Hot cocoa, storms, dark afternoon looming... you say all the pefect splendid Autumn words! I so hope you post pics of your decorated spooktacular house. I love the sewing craft table, how lucky are you! air hug you later!