I am in love with so much right now, it boggles the mind.

The other day I stopped off at Amelia's to drop off some costumes and had planned to only stay for a few minutes...that stretched into a few hours. We sat on her front walk in the sun and talked as our kids ran around the yard. We eventually moved to the deck and Cole quickly became obsessed with the trampoline.
It was so nice to just hang out and catch up...love her.

We bought these little seed cups for the boys and they love watering them and watching them sprout - we need to get them in the ground! And I need to wash my windows...bad.
My sons picked me some tulips.
Playing the piano before I make dinner every night.
My books! I now have 8...I love them.
Choosing the colors we want for our walls...
Watching my boys play together, they are besties.

See? I'm loving all of it!

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