We've Only Just Begun...

Where have I been? Working on our kitchen remodel! Finally!! We started on Wednesday and have made some great progress - we've taken down cabinets, ripped out the closet and we're covered in dust. Here's where we are:

Kitchen Before:
After: I removed the wooden light frame and plastic covers...ugh, I hated that thing. Hopefully we'll have the lower cabinets removed this week and be able to tear down the dropped ceiling.
A-ha! Beneath a cabinet was this one, sad little square of wallpaper. The reason our countertops are blue!
Closet before:
View from the front door:
How cute is he?
Even more sheet rock taken down...but the wallpaper remains for some reason.
We are moving this wall into the living room 10 inches, we should have the new wall up and this one taken down in the next day or two.
It has been SO much fun working with Cody on this. After we cleaned up our mess the other night, we sat on the floor and talked about our plans. I never understood why my parents liked talking 'house' or got excited spending hours at Home Depot picking out fixtures and supplies and all that crap. Um - I totally get it. It's so fun! We have a long road ahead of us, it's going to be quite the adventure. I'm having a total blast. 'Bitchin' Kitchen' has begun, so stay tuned for updates!


glenda said...

I love it!! we just did our bathroom,what a job but it was worth it-have you ever thought about opening that room up with no wall

Bringing Lady Back said...

Huzzahs all around! Great job!

Lucrecia said...

Oh my gosh! I am so excited for you! And jealous too :) I want to overhaul my kitchen a little. I can't wait for updates!

Rita said...

Can't wait to see it all done! What a project...but it will be so worth it when you have a fancy new kitchen!!

Brian said...

Did you actually call it a #%&@! Kitchen??? JEWELS! I TAUGHT YOU BETTER THAN THAT!!!

(You have obviously been influenced by your sibling Rich!)

Jewels said...

Bahahahaha, it took you long enough to comment, Daddies!!