Parenthood Rules

Oh, how I love being a Mom. Cache's last day of Preschool was yesterday and I think I may have been more excited than he was. I had told him earlier in the week that we could spend the day together and go see 'Iron Man 2'. He was thrilled, Iron Man is the coolest. It was beach day so Cache wore his little swim trunks and I packed him a lunch. This year went by so fast, but he LOVES school and his teacher was so, so great. He met tons of wee friends and was more excited to see them than to hold still for a picture.

After school I picked him up in the Scout (he loves to ride in it) and we went and grabbed some shakes and In-N-Out. Tasty.
We then went and picked out an Iron Man t-shirt that he could wear to the movie. He was so excited!
We got some treats and popcorn and Cache handed the usher our tickets with the biggest smile on his face. Cache thought the movie was 'So awesome!!'
And being the radical Mom that I am, I even let him get a tattoo.
I had the best time with him, being a parent is the coolest thing ever. It was so fun answering his questions and hearing his logic, especially during the movie. I kept laughing as Cache reacted to every action scene or tried to make sense of the story to himself. I love him. He is so fun. Mommyhood rocks. Best day ever!


Bringing Lady Back said...

LOVE the look on Cache's face in the tattoo pic. Hilarious! Such a tough guy.

Rosey said...

You are for sure the coolest mommies EVER! I loved this day for you! So great! Cache Man is so dang cute!