On February 2nd, Cache was baptized!  

A special day indeed.  He was soooooo excited, he's been talking about it for months.  When I tried to talk to him about what happens at his baptism he couldn't get past the 'white outfit' he got to wear in the font.  That's all he talked about;

"Do I get to keep the jumpsuit?"
"No, honey.  It's just for that day.  Now, after you get baptized-"
"Does it have a hood?"
"Nope, now-"
"Does it have buttons?"

The morning of we were racing around getting everyone ready.  I was speaking so I came down to my desk to write a quick poem for my talk.  I heard Cody and Cache talking upstairs and Cody was telling him what it means to be baptized and how important the Holy Ghost is.  Such a dear moment.

Friends and family came and everything went perfectly.  Cache loved it and I was so proud to see him in the font with his Dad.  I beamed when Cody confirmed our son a member of the Church...a fantastic day.

"Today I'm getting baptized,
I can't believe it's finally here!
I've waited for so long, it seems,
to reach my 8th year.

I'll show my friends and family
how I love to choose the right.
I'll say my prayers every day,
in the morning and the night.

I'll march forth with courage,
I'll study the Savior's word.
I'll show through my example
how much I love the Lord.

I stand for truth and righteousness,
I know the church is true.
Today I'm getting baptized!
...and I'm so proud of you."


Rosey said...

Congrats to the Cache Man!!! What a special day indeed!! Love!

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