Be Mine...

Every year my ward hosts a radical Valentine's Dance for the adults.  This will be the 4th year they've had one and the first year I was able to go!  Lemme esplain..

Year 1 - I got to sing with a big band while everyone danced, but then I had to rush out to go to rehearsal.

Year 2 - Cody was working.

Year 3 - I was pregnant.  Like really, really pregnant.

Year 4 - No show!  No work!  No baby!  I'm in!

Ooooooh, wait.  You see, Cody works part time in Sundance and had a shift that day.  He tried to get it off to no avail which left me without a date.  Swayed by my friends, I decided to attend ala carte.  So!  I got all gussied and headed over to the church.  I talked with peeps and helped Celine take pictures of the couples arriving.  She even got this candid shot of Miss Lonely Heart...
The place looked beautiful...I mean, really.  So, so pretty.  The VooDoo Orchestra played and the music was outstanding!  Such a fun night, I was having a wonderful time.  That is, until they played 'Since I don't have you' and everyone got up to dance and I was sitting alone at the table.

Love my ward and the dance was wonderful.  Hopefully next year I can wrangle up a date.

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