Spy Party

Cache has been obsessed with spy stuff lately.  He bought a book at his school's book fair months ago and the mania has grown.  **Side Note: I gave Cache $11.00 to spend at his book fair.  The savvy kid spent $10.99 and got 4 books.  I love him.**  A spy party seemed in order and Cody and I had a BLAST putting it all together.  The invites were addressed to each Agent in a manilla envelope with 'Top Secret' across the front.

We decided to have the kids come to the "Spy Training Facility" where they could reach Super Spy Status.  Upon arrival, each Spy received their own spy kit equipped with all necessary SpyWare:
Notebook, pen, rubber bands, rope, flashlight, paper clips, chewing gum and "bugs".

Also during check-in, each spy received a name tag.  Everyone dressed up and it was hilarious.  The names they chose were great, we had 'Agent Secret', 'Agent Gold', 'Agent Nick Fury' and 'Agent McGee'.

We had 5 Sectors set up with tests for the spies to pass.  After each Sector, they received a star on their badge.  Sector 1 was Self-Defense and Escape Technique.  The kids loved this and Cody was the greatest instructor.  (Cody set up his GoPro camera to take pictures during the party - our own Spy Cam!).

This Sector had laser beams.  They had to retrieve some jewelry from across the room and try not to get burned!  Agent baby watched closely.
We had a crime scene Sector and each spy had to examine the evidence and solve the crime.  They were so diligent and quiet while looking everything over and taking notes in their notebooks.
Placing stars on their badges.
Everyone passed!  After I applied the star to their badges, Cody shook their hands and congratulated them for achieving Top Spy Status.  It was so official.

It was seriously so much fun!  The kids had a blast, so did we.  Happy Birthday, Agent Secret!  This blog post will self-destruct in 10 seconds...

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Heidi said...

Two words: A Dorable. Also, Agent Baby is pretty vigilant.