Valentine's Day was glorious this year.  I mean, it's pretty great every year, but this year is probably on the top of my list.  Vday changes as you get older, yes?  Kids, job, work, life, etc.  It's hard to schedule romance and even harder to get a reservation if said romance involves going to dinner somewhere.  The past few years Cody and I have just done lunch and had dinner at home, pretty simple and it's been great.  This year was no different but for some reason it seemed more special.

We don't usually do 'gifts', but this year I really wanted Cody to come home to a super clean house.  This may not seem very daunting to you, but it is to me.  And our room was no picnic to clean out.  It was sort of a 'spring cleaning' in a way, I was going through everything and tossing whatever I could.  Cody had worked the previous few days and would be coming home the morning of Valentines Day.  I stayed up to the wee hours and it was so worth it!  Love me a clean house!

I secured a sitter for the middle of the day, so Cody and I went out and did some shopping and had lunch.  It's amazing what some small alone time can do for us.  When we got home, Cody let me take a nap (win!) and he ran some errands.  Oh!  I should mention that when he came home that morning, he gave me pink roses and a box of pink doughnuts for breakfast.  YUM.  No pictures, because they were eaten in like 20 seconds.

That evening Cody and I took the boys to the grocery store to shop for our dinners.  Cody and I got some crab legs and steaks with some bubbly and the boys opted for lil' smokies.  We got some movies from Red Box and came home to cook.  Ahhhh!  The crab is trying to escape!

We got the boys set up in their room, complete with bed fort, dinner and treats.  In hindsight, I probably should not have let them have chips in bed.  hmm.  

Cody and I got set up downstairs with our DELICIOUS dinner and movie, 'Pitch Perfect'.

I loved that we included the boys in our date that night.  They thought it was so fun to have their own dinner in their room and they knew that Cody and I were having a romantic dinner downstairs.  New tradition!  Best Valentines ever.

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Hailey said...

I have never wanted to eat a picture so badly in my life. :)