...All Hallow's Eve!

Witches and glitches and goblins and goons,
All dance to the sound of the most hideous tunes.

And monsters that prey on the unwanted guest,

When they sneak in to partake of this frightening fest.

It's All Hallows' Eve, and the sun's fast asleep.

An the spirits are out with the creatures that creep.

And the dogs are a-barking at a terrible sight,
For this is the scariest night of all nights.

They come from all over, these beasties and things.

Some slither, some sloop, and some use their wings.

They gather together just outside of town

Where they scream and they holler and all fly around.

But be not afraid, my little ones dear,
For though it seems scary, and some of you fear,

These denizens of darkness and things of the night

Are as harmless as butterflies flittering in flight.

Now, please listen closely and none of you speak.
For though you may shiver and though you may shriek,
You'll feel a lot better in knowing the truth,
'Cause I learned about them when I was a youth.
You see, little darlings, they come once a year.

And they all have a good time and bring lots of cheer.
And they don't bother humans or make a Spook List.

'Cause they don't believe that YOU even exist.

So if you are out and you're walking around,

And you hear the most ghastly and horrible sound,

Remember the words that I told you tonight.

But run home quite quickly, in case I'm not right!

-Stephen Cord


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