I have returned from my weekend away...a new woman! Yes, it is possible. First, let me say THANK YOU to all those who stopped by my Blog and left an encouraging comment. I was so overwhelmed! I will admit, a few tears of gratitude were shed and my hand was over my heart more than once. I was so touched, thank you thank you. If I had any sense at all, I would post about breakdowns more often just so I can read more lovey comments!

The drive down to Vegas with my Mom was most inspiring. Leave it to my dear ol' Mum to bring me back to reality and give me some perspective. We talked during the entire drive and it was so great to talk about all the things that get to me. Wise woman, my mother - she knew exactly what to say and I feel refreshed, balanced and ready to take on this week. Crisis abolished! All is well in the kingdom of Jolley.

On another note - last week I finished some onesies and burp cloths that my friend Kate asked me to make. Here are some pics of the finished product:


This design seems to be a favorite...

Kate's friend is naming her daughter Caprice, hence the "C" (she also loves zebra print, I love to accomodate!)

Burp cloths. Of course they are a bit over the top, do you know me at all?
I designed a quick little tag with my info and voila! 'Jollies' by Julia Jolley was made official. Interested in some custom baby goods? Let me know.

I also have another development on the horizon, I will reveal it this week! Is the suspense killing you yet? Mmm, yes - I knew it would be. Stay tuned!


Kateastrophe said...

Yeah, there were 30 women SQUEALING AND APPLAUDING when your darling wares were opened at the shower.

Bravo, Jewels! Can't wait to see the new development!!

The Bakers said...

A DEVELOPMENT! DOO DIIISH! p.s. We went to Ruby River for our anniversary dinner and no Meili...I was bummed, but alas, I didn't have to worry about my husband thinking she was hotter than me!! Hahha!

Brillig said...

Okay, those are SO STINKING DARLING!!! One of these days (when your kids are IN SCHOOL) you should open a boutique. I'm completely serious! These are so classy!!!

Heather-Rita said...

So glad you had a nice time with your mom! We all have those kind of days...and sometimes we just need a little boost to get our perspective back! Glad you are feeling great...

And those onesies are adorable! Stella seriously wears one of the many that you made for her almost every day (for real) they are so fun and unique...keep up the sewing and I can't wait to hear about your new idea!

Sara said...

LOVE THEM JEWELS! Can't wait to make some purchases if you are opening an online botique (sp?)